The Blood Arm

A raging battle between flesh and spirit

It’s amazing how bands accrue legend. Take for example The Blood Arm from LA; a colourful bunch that feature an actor who has appeared alongside BOTH Robert De Niro and Sabrina the teenage witch, a novelist, a peyote-obsessed pianist and claim to make music for “falling downstairs to”.

Their songs and live show are vibrant, pounding affairs mixing the sound of Talking Heads with the surrealism of the Flaming Lips. Their first single ‘Do I Have Your Attention?’ signed from City Rockers from a rough demo the band recorded in a garage over one weekend launched them on the road to stardom but the sheer scope of their debut LP ‘Lie Lover Lie’ makes them a definite One To Watch.

You may have already heard of The Blood Arm since they are being patronised by Franz Ferdinand who have now on several occasions in the press have declared that they are the Glaswegians’ favourite band, in the whole world. Alex claims they have “an aura. It feels like they are part of a secret society. They’re literate and precise and acerbic.” Enough of another band though. Let’s hear from the band themselves…

“Los Angeles speaks to the very fibre of our beans.”

What is the Blood Arm?

A raging battle between flesh and spirit.

Why did this strange name strike such a strong chord with you?

It came to us on a flaming plate. We heard the distinct sound of three grand pianos hitting an E major chord.

How do you all know each other?


How did the band come about?

Excitement with a need to express direct emotion with song.

How long has it been going?

Three years.

How important has LA been on affecting your sound?

Los Angeles speaks to the very fibre of our beans.

Who’s the boss of the band?

Zachary Juan Amos.

Is it a family or a dictatorship?

It is a benevolent tyrant.

How quickly did your sound come together?

Right now, over me.

Has it gone through many stages to get where it is now?

Yes. Twelve steps, each of increasing intensity.

How do you go about writing your songs?

They appear to us on a flaming plate.

Where do you get your inspiration for lyrics from?

Paul Whitely.

How would you describe your music to your gran?

Nothing like the World Wars.

How would you describe your live shows?

Everything like the World Wars and/or Eleanor Roosevelt.

What do you think your band possesses that will carry you before your peers in other breaking bands?


Tell me three things no one would already know about the band or its members?

1. Past. 2. Present. 3. Future.

What would be your dream gig be?

A residency at Spaceland of Dreams (again… why not?).

Who has inspired you most collectively as a band?

Dyan Genevra Valdes.

If your music could make someone do anything, what would it be and why?

Play games competitively… and win!

If you could leave your audience tonight with just one coherent thought – what would it be?

Global warming is real.

And why?

Nathaniel Fregoso.

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