The Best Albums Of August 2013

Julia Holter, Moderat, King Krule, Outfit, MONEY: what a month...

We’re pretty sure that the summer used to be a quiet time for new albums of substantial quality. But August 2013 has categorically gone against that grain, assuming it was there to begin with, by witnessing the release of several records that might well duke it out for year-end honours come December.

So, here are 10 recommended albums from the last few weeks, each worth every second of its run time.

– – –

MONEY – ‘The Shadow Of Heaven’
(Bella Union, released August 26th)

“Expect to be challenged, provoked, and amazed by this near-heavenly debut.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Julianna Barwick – ‘Nepenthe’
(Dead Oceans, released August 19th)

“A special album from a special artist, ‘Nepenthe’ is, indeed, an album that leaves thoughts of others absent as it plays out its otherworldly dance.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Earl Sweatshirt – ‘Doris’
(Columbia/Odd Future, released August 19th)

“Unlike his debut mixtape, Earl Sweatshirt is telling truths rather than forging fantasy, and ‘Doris’ is a disturbed and penetrating journey into the mind of the boy that came back from Samoa.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Julia Holter – ‘Loud City Song’
(Domino, released August 19th)

“Although it takes more than a couple of listens for ‘Loud City Song’ to feel like a cohesive album, the reward once you do is well worth the outlay.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

King Krule – ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’
(XL, released August 24th)

“British music fans should gaze upon King Krule with great pride. Under immense expectation, he has managed to become the product of his far-flung influences, rather than a pastiche of any.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Moderat – ‘II’
(Monkeytown, released August 5th)

“They’ve proved to be immune to the curse of the “difficult second album”. ‘II’ is an absolute masterpiece of dancefloor work.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Pinkunoizu – ‘The Drop’
(Full Time Hobby, released August 5th)

“This album may sound mental – and it is – but its makers guys succeed at what so many contemporary bands fail at: making something that actually sounds modern.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Forest Swords – ‘Engravings’
(Tri Angle, released August 26th)

“This is mood-manifesting music of exceptional quality, experimental electronic fare of substance and, crucially, heart.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

Crocodiles – ‘Crimes Of Passion’
(Zoo Music, released August 19th)

“It’s an album bursting with tales of joyous heartbreak. The sound of the summer.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – – 

Outfit – ‘Performance’

(Double Denim, released August 12th)

“Numbers like the hypnotic ‘House On Fire’ and the decaffeinated anthemics of ‘Elephant Days’ and ‘Thank God I Was Dreaming’ confirm Outfit as some of the most refreshingly formidable songwriters in the country.” (Read the full Clash review)

– – –

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