Kelis, SOHN, Damon and more: the month's finest...

Just a round up of some of the best albums Clash heard in the month of April 2014. Well, albums that came out in April, anyway. We’re living in the future right now, playing albums that are out in June and stuff. It’s thrilling, but we keep forgetting to put out the recycling. You know, more immediate things. Schedules, eh.

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Kelis – ‘Food’
(Ninja Tune, released April 21st)

“‘Food’ is a fabulous and immediate record, rich with muted brass and low-key electronics. It’s also the warmest, most relaxed and purely enjoyable thing Kelis has ever done. Wonderful.”

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Todd Terje – ‘It’s Album Time’
(Olsen Records, released April 7th)

“Its encased plasticity doesn’t mask any novelty. Athletic brightness betters gaudiness while wearing ’80s fashions well, banging out rhythms with fingers that’ve have just come from the cake bowl. It’s album time, and Terje feels epic.”

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Damon Albarn – ‘Everyday Robots’
(Parlophone, released April 28th)

“The phrase ‘slow-burner’ is tossed around rather carelessly, but ‘Everyday Robots’ is a definite contender. Weeks on from the first listen, it feels like it’s always been there. It doesn’t burn out so much as creep up and these songs offer yet another new guise for a remarkable talent.”

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Sd Laika – ‘That’s Harakiri’
(Tri Angle, released April 28th)

“Sometimes these obscure noise releases with their morbid artwork and darkened press shots can mask their complete lack of listenability behind a protective black veil of excessive complexity, and the desperation of its listener to feel exclusive. Sd Laika defeats this. His music marries complexity with club-ready thump, resulting in a dystopian dancehall of morbid booty shaking.”

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Ought – ‘More Than Any Other Day’
(Constellation, released April 28th)

“Frankly, this is music that’s made to make a difference, or else turn in ever-decreasing circles until it consumes itself. It has too much fire to not either spread or self-combust entirely. Passion is a puzzling thing, expressed in myriad manners. But it can never be fabricated, and Ought’s heated brand of it is amongst the most bracing sounds anyone can encounter in 2014.”

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SOHN – ‘Tremors’
(4AD, released April 7th)

“In a relationship exposing and attending to each other’s vulnerabilities, between fireside rocking chair and disrobed cosmic disco, ‘Tremors’ realises the transfer between London and Vienna SOHN has made. Sure to be a hit with the disenfranchised, give the man a single bulb to perform under on stage and fans will be riveted.”

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