The 10 Best Indie Sleaze Tracks: As Picked By Chromeo

Moments from a golden era...

Chromeo are ready to come full circle. The Canadian duo released their debut in 2004, a time when genres felt a little more stratified. Matching electro-funk to some indie tendencies, the pair helped party down the barriers, establishing a singular sound in the process.

New album ‘Adult Contemporary’ is out now, and it finds Chromeo growing old disgracefully. A full circle moment, it taps into their roots, and their core values. As the pair put it: “We’ll be funking just the same for the next 20!”

Dialling back the years, Clash invited Chromeo to touch on some key sounds from their rise, epitomising the temperature of club culture back then. Yep, it’s indie sleaze – 10 all-out bangers picked by people who worked on the inside of it all.

Chromeo’s Dave One writes…

The year was 2004 and Bloc Party asked us to open for their UK tour around the release of their masterpiece, ‘Silent Alarm’. If I recall, the record was debuting at No. 1 to mass critical acclaim. This was their moment! We were flattered, we were thrilled… and we also tanked every night. Their fans were NOT trying to funk.

Fast forward three years, it’s 2007 and a silent revolution happened: all of a sudden, indie kids wanted to dance. We went back to the UK and played the same venues for seemingly the same crowds, but the cross armed post-emo sad kids had morphed into sweaty teenagers partying with reckless abandon. Welcome to the golden age of indie sleaze.

Here are 10 songs that remind me of that golden era.

Klaxons – ‘Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)’

This one encapsulates the perfect blend of rock energy and dirty synths… and endless tension building… that define that musical dancefloor moment.

Boys Noize – ‘&Down’

The grit, the drama, the uber-aggressive (German) sonics, this has it all. You can just picture the drenched American Apparel deep Vs.

Justice – ‘Dance (MSTRKRFT Remix)’

I can count on one hand the remixes that are as good (if not better) than the originals. This one’s up there. I mean, both are perfect. Too many wonderful memories to both of them.

Christopher & Raphael Just – ‘Popper (Shinishi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit)’

Here’s a song you heard at every party without knowing who it was. God those Kitsuné compilations were so good. They broke records and defied genres.

The Presets – ‘Are You The One’

Banger. Notice how that saw wave synth comes back in almost every track. What was it about that sound that made us jump up and down like pogo sticks?

Fisherspooner – ‘Emerge’

This is sort of an indie sleaze precursor. Patient zero. I know this is more electroclash than indie sleaze per se but why get into the nitty gritty when the music is so good?

In New York, this was a moment. A revolution, actually.

The Rapture – ‘House Of Jealous Lovers’

Here’s a song that transcends. Beyond eras beyond scenes beyond genres. One of the finest pieces of music in the past 25 years and I will die on that hill.

CSS – ‘Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above’

Haven’t heard this in over a decade, just listened… and it’s every bit as goofy and quirky as I remember it. Would’ve gone platinum in my book.

Hot Chip – ‘Over And Over’

Takes a lot of confidence and brio to write a song called ‘Over And Over’ that you can truly listen to over and over forever. They pulled it off.

Chromeo – ‘Fancy Footwork’

If I may say so myself.

Chromeo’s new album ‘Adult Contemporary’ is out now.

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