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Syd Arthur: it sounds singular, but it's actually plural.

Four talented musicians for the price of one, the band are now onto Album No. 3, which will be released by always on-point taste-makers at Communion later this year.

Working with producer Jason Falkner, the group set about matching their defiantly English sound to the wilds of California.

Syd Arthur explain: "Recording to 2-inch analogue tape we set about recording the album in this most creative Californian space before returning to the UK for final mixing at our humble studio in Canterbury."

Clearly in a positive head-space, Clash frisbee'd over this week's singles for Syd Arthur's perusal.

– – –

ABC – 'The Flames Of Desire'

Like the epic orchestral opening… It's very filmic and evocative before we delve into the song, which in itself is well written, comes across as being very 80’s in its delivery/intention. I could see my mum liking this. Its like a good but slightly weird re-hash of a big 80s pop song. In fact, looking into the band after hearing this and thinking it came from a different era tells me they are trying to re-create/update/pay homage to their classic album from the mid 80s.

– – –

Aurora – 'I Went Too Far'

Like the video… The concept of never reaching the top of the ladder is good one that suites the emotion of the track. The song seems very much of the time with its use of auto-tuned vocals and present sound… I guess she has an interesting sounding voice, albeit one that doesn’t appeal to me.

– – –

Blossoms – 'Charlemagne'

From having never heard of Blossoms to suddenly seeing and hearing about them all over the last couple of days it was interesting that this track came up… Seems very much like they know what they want to do and say. It's very pop! But I don’t find it very exciting… Seems quite stuck in the past with a retro 80s vibe that is rather unoriginal. For some reason I don’t believe the disingenuous singer.

– – –

Eric Clapton – 'Spiral'

Sounds like Clapton doing the blues… with a terrible pastiche video. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive fan of Cream and Clapton’s work in the Bluesbreakers and The Yardbirds, but this is very safe sounding, seemingly uninspired blues number. I thought the blues was about the soul.

– – –

Chase & Status – 'Spoken Work' ft. George The Poet

Could see this working at a club. It's a very generic sounding pop/club crossover… George the Poet provides some uplifting words that at least stop it from being overly cheesy. I can’t believe how 90’s it sounds… reminds me of the radio when I was a kid.

– – –

Martin Solveig ft. Tkay Maidza – 'Do It Right'

Another track I could see going down at the club. Great location with the pink/blue coloured buildings, reminds me of my time in Essaouira on the Moroccan coast. It made me want to know where they shot the video – it's a famous piece of Spanish architecture by Ricardo Bofill from 1968 that's heavily influenced by the Arab Mediterranean Area. But that's about all I have to say about this. Let's put some milk over some plants shall we?

– – –

Syd Arthur's new album 'Apricity' will be released on October 21st.

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