SXSW – Simian Mobile Disco

Every party needs good dance music

Every party needs good dance music, which is why Simian Mobile Disco are the perfect band for SXSW. Not only are they at the forefront of the new British electro set that is emerging but James Ford and James Shaw certainly know how to party.

Ford describes one SXSW where their hotel room was turned into a mini festival itself – the bath was filled up with booze and the knees-up continued 24/7. It’s only to be expected, therefore, that the wild and unpredictable nature of their partying translates into their live performances.

“We’ve just brought out the studio,” says Ford, “Our live shows are really like when we make music in the first place. We didn’t want to feel trapped. It is really important to us that we can respond to how a crowd reacts to us. With a band it’s harder to change direction mid song but we can freestyle. Few electronic bands can do that. It’s more exciting.”

Their live shows at SXSW could not be coming at a better time. “America is definitely waking up to dance music in the European sense of the word. I don’t think they’ve really had the same sort of culture. They’ve never had acid house like here. It’s a totally different ball game.” Austin won’t know what hit them.

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