SXSW – Esser

Certain to stand out in the Austin crowd

For those mourning the loss of rising melodic punk stars Ladyfuzz in 2006, there is a silver lining and it shines brighter than a 14k platinum diamond ring from Tiffany’s. Ben Esser, who comes across as the lovechild of Woody Allen and some Essex bird, was formerly the drummer with Ladyfuzz and has emerged from the ashes to produce electro-acoustic pop.

With the aide of a computer and crucial key of E, Esser has created melodies for eccentrics at trendy indie discos. His woeful tales of troubled times with women are delivered with superb cockneyed comedic effect in the likes of ‘Headlock’ while songs like ‘Satisfied’ take on an techno Turkish tango feel.

His synth-filled one-man show is very similar to that of frYars so it’s no surprise to hear that he’s produced some of the young north-Londoner’s tracks.

SXSW is clearly going to be hoot with this guy around. If cowboy hats and stonewashed flares aren’t already buried in the ’70s, this East Ender is going to make sure they’re firmly cast back to the 1900s with his super-galactic quirky funk.

Imagine taking Mike Skinner from The Streets, plonking him in Hoxton, dousing him with geek chic and handing him a beat-pop keyboard. One thing is for sure, he’s certain to stand out in the Austin crowd.

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