Mira Aroyo shares trials and tribulations
Ladytron's Mira Aroyo

Celebrating a decade of ice-cool-but-catchy futurism, Ladytron have numerous reissues and a best-of on the racks. Mira Aroyo guides us through her trials and tribulations.

My worst hangover

“They seem to be getting worse all the time. The worst recent one was after a DJ gig in Miami. I think there was some Mescal involved and though I love it, it never bodes well. Packing my bags in the hotel the following morning seemed like an insurmountable task.”

My most memorable trip

“A trip around the Yucatan peninsula. Lots of ancient ruins, spider monkeys, fresh fish, white sands and margaritas.”

My most painful injury

“I broke my knee and ripped some ligaments skiing. I was in a place where I shouldn’t have been skiing and paid the price.”

- - -

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The strangest situation

“Hmm, there have been a few. Last week Reuben [Wu] and I DJ’d at this house party where Adam Ant busked live with an acoustic guitar. Very strange indeed.”

The hardest I ever laughed

“Curb Your Enthusiasm usually throws me into fits.”

The worst gig I ever played

“We played this one gig in Amsterdam that was pretty big and for a national radio station. It was when we just started out and we didn’t get together to rehearse together. It was a mess.”

Best childhood memory

“Learning how to ride a bike and knowing my Dad wasn’t holding onto me by the seat and I was still going was pretty amazing. I couldn’t take corners though.”

The last time I cried

“I tend to cry when I’m tired over nothing. When I’m really tired and just need my bed.”

The biggest turning point

“I guess when I decided to do Ladytron full time, as a career.”

The best advice I can give

“Follow your heart.”

Ladytron’s ‘Best Of 00-10’ is out March 28th.


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