Swings And Roundabouts – Rumer

Indie girl turned retro songstress

Indie girl turned retro songstress Rumer on demolished pubs and taking over Alan Partridge’s band.

The Coolest Person I’ve Ever Met

“Steve Brown, my producer, played Glenn Ponder [Alan Partridge’s bandleader in Knowing Me, Knowing You]. The other day I looked at all the people in the band and I realised, my band is Chalet.”

The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

“When I got the phone call that Burt Bacharach likes me.”

The Lowest Point I’ve Ever Reached

“I was in a band [La Honda] that was pretty glamorous, for an 18 year-old. We’d had a record out that Mark Radcliffe played on Radio One, we did a tour support for Drugstore, we were just about to play SXSW, we had offers in from American labels, and I quit. I thought fuck it, I’m going to go and live in a caravan and be near my mum. I’m glad I did, even though it took me years to recover from the whole experience. It was terrible.”

The Angriest I’ve Ever Been

“They knocked down a pub called the Speckled Trout which was a huge music venue in our small town, it was a lifeline for everyone. It had bands five nights a week, everybody went there and it was brilliant. I lived and breathed for the place.”

My Worst Injury

“I was electrocuted. But I survived.”

Rumer’s debut album, ‘Seasons Of My Soul’, is out in November. Buy tickets to see Rumer live in the UK HERE

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