Swings And Roundabouts – Metronomy

Joe & Co's highs and lows

Fresh from Coldplay’s U.S. tour, Metronomy are finely honed for festival season. Here main man Joseph Mount recalls the rocky road to success.

The Best Gig I Ever Played
“Probably one of the first. I sang/spoke the intro to ‘Never Ever’ by All Saints at a school Christmas concert whilst drumming. From that point on I realised girls looked at you differently if you were in a band.”

The Worst Gig I Ever Played
“Too many to mention. Once too drunk in Biarritz, once When I got a nose bleed in Corsica… and on and on.”

My Most Painful Injury
“When I fell off my skateboard going at about 30mph; I Was holding onto a car. The wound wept for months.”

The Strangest Situation
“Probably fronting a band. I always thought I would just be a drummer.”

The First Song I Ever Wrote
“Something I purpose-made for a mixtape, a song called ‘kathy’ for a girl called Cathy.”

The Worst Song I Ever Wrote
“The first incarnation of ‘Radio Ladio’ is quite dire. I’m sure there are worse though, I’ve just forgotten them.”

The Coolest Person I Ever Met
“I once met a pilot. I’d love to be a pilot.”

The Most Disagreeable Celebrity
“I’m really struggling to think of an answer. I met David Guetta not so long ago and he was a perfect gentleman. I like to believe that Will.i.am is an utter moron.”

The Best Advice I Can Give
“We are all in this together. Never think you are above or below anyone because everyone is as confused as you.”

Metronomy play an extended set at this year’s Green Man festival. Visit www.GreenMan.net for details.

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