Best gig, worst gig, coolest person and sage advice
Swings And Roundabouts - Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose, the former Bombay Bicycle Club singer, made a big solo splash in 2012. Here’s more highs and lows.

The best gig I ever played.

“Reading Festival was a really special gig for me. I didn’t think I was going to get booked and then to see a full tent when we walked on stage was pretty overwhelming. People singing along will never cease to amaze me.”

The worst gig I ever played

“I don’t want to mention names but there was a shocker in July. We had already played Summer Sundae that day and it was a Saturday night and we were headlining a small stage. I was hoping for a Saturday night rowdy crowd but it was pretty empty and everyone looked a bit bored. I think it was the only gig when I genuinely didn’t want to continue playing.”

The strangest situation

“A couple of days ago driving to the Waves Festival in Vienna. Our van is pretty old and seems to break all the time. We were about ten miles from the venue and the clutch and gearbox went. We sat in the middle lane causing so much traffic, then eventually got it into second gear and drove the rest of the journey at 5mph with our hazards on getting beeped constantly. I can’t believe we made it.”

The biggest turning point

“Getting the album out is something I’ve been dreaming of for so long but never thought would ever happen. The fact that it’s in shops for people to buy is crazy. I’m just hoping people share it.”

The first song I ever wrote

“A very bad song called ‘Confused’, mainly inspired by my dog Chloe.”

The coolest person I ever met

“Definitely Paul O’Grady. I was sitting on the floor outside his dressing room for some reason and he was very cool.”

The most objectionable person I ever met

“Mrs. Stubbs, my old French teacher. Boy, did she have beef with me. She was a bully.”

The best advice I can give

“Stay true to who you are. Change can be good but only if it’s you that wants it.”


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