Swings And Roundabouts: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Share their career highs and lows

Guy McKnight from raucous Brighton psychobillies 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster talks infant drunks and involuntarily pissing.

My most painful injury
“Probably an emotional/psychological one. I was so shocked by what I experienced as a child that I blocked it out mentally. I only began to recall snapshots of experiences in my early twenties, which eventually formed a timeline that I could make sense of in my head. I believe though that no matter how painful or trying life may be at times, all of our obstacles and suffering are an opportunity for us to grow as human beings, to become stronger, happier and more capable.”

My best ever night out
“I have made a determination to live the greatest year of my life in 2010. The band made a video for ‘Love Turns To Hate’ recently, my wish was that everyone felt happy and respected. The whole shoot was an absolute pleasure, the creative process was organic and I made some friends that I hope to know for the rest of my life. I had the best night of my life.”

My worst hangover
“Apparently I first got drunk when I was a year old, my dad had left a tumbler of whisky out and I awoke early in the morning and polished it off, stumbled around then fell asleep. When I woke up I was very grumpy. When I was 14 I went to a party, drank too much, chundered, passed out and then shat water for the next three days.”

My most memorable trip
“Last year I had the opportunity play the lead role in a French film by F.J.Ossang. On landing, I learnt that The Azores were not islands off of the coast of Portugal but were situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The cameraman was Russian, the director French, half the production crew were Portuguese and I can speak only English. The whole script was in French. It was an education!”

The strangest situation
“I went to the Erotica Awards a few years ago. They were held in the basement of a church in Brixton. After the performances, several interesting acts of perversity seemed to manifest around the place. I believe the event itself is held in order to raise awareness about the discrimination against disabled people, promote equality, break down some of the stereotypes and prejudice, so people of all shapes and sizes were there. I remember seeing a little naked guy sitting cross-legged on the floor, his head wrapped in bandages, masturbating, peering through a screen type thing at an attractive young woman who was strapped to a sort of rack, really enjoying being spanked. That was quite strange.”

The biggest turning point
“Every time I feel alone but decide to persevere is a turning point, a new beginning.”

The worst song I ever wrote
“At times we have had people around who have encouraged us to write about drugs or lighten up the lyrical content or our sound, basically to try and appeal to a certain audience and gain popularity. I believed that I was impervious to such influences but around 2007 I found myself writing lyrics and then saying to myself, “Oh that’s a bit dark…” I caught myself thinking this and was appalled. I had been soiled. Some lyrics around then were also contrived but we never released that song. Thank goodness. It’s so important to write what material you believe in and not worry about whether other people like it or not. In fact it’s the only reason to write music, to inspire yourself and other folks. But then there’s the problem of whether the people in your band connect to it or not, but that’s another labyrinth of disagreement!”

My most impressive sporting feat
“I came last in an egg and spoon race at school, most disturbing.”

The hardest I ever laughed
“On tour once, a friend of mine decided to attack me by tickling me while I was wearing only my boxer shorts. I involuntarily pissed all over his hands.”

The worst gig I ever played
“In reality everyone plays a bad show sometimes. At the last London show a guy said that he had seen us at the 100 Club last year and that it was one of the sickest shows he had ever seen. Is that a good or a bad thing?! He said that he had seen us later in Brighton and that it sucked, but he was still back for more. One of them must have been good!”

The best advice I can give
“Treasure yourself and everyone that you meet.”

The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster new album ‘Blood And Fire’ is out now.

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