Swan Song: Shaggy

His guide to an idyllic final day on Earth...

Mr Boombastic himself wants guidance from soul greats and his grandmother…

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Where would you like to wake up?

I’d like to wake up in the countryside of Jamaica, which is Port Antonio. My favourite parish. It’s pretty much the lushest part of Jamaica. I’ve been visiting there for years, I go any time I get a chance.

What would you like to achieve on your final day?

I would like to achieve a sense of happiness. My life is so full right now, and so fast-paced – and it always had – so that day would be a day of doing nothing. Just messing around with my daughters, and my wife, and my sons. Just fun.

What would you have for your last meal?

On the menu I’d have oxtail. Traditional Jamaican. Curry goat and white rice. Fried fish. Curried lobster.

Who would do the cooking?

That would be a person who cooks for me, named Precious. But you know what? On that particular day I would prefer it to be my wife.

Who would you invite to your last meal?

I would actually invite James Brown. Bill Withers. Peter Tosh. Sting. And a lady by the name of Portia Simpson, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica. Oh, and my wife!

What is the last song you’d like to hear?

Bob Marley’s ‘War’. It’s a song that was a speech by Majesty Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and Bob Marley took that speech and put melodies to it. It says that the colour of a man’s skin is no more significant than the colour of his eyes. Which stands to this day. It’s a powerful, powerful song.

What would be your biggest regret?

I normally don’t do regrets because I think every loss in my life becomes a lesson. And you can never be a better person unless you go through losses. I don’t do regrets, but if I had to pick one it would be that I would have loved for my grandmother to be alive when I had my success.

What would be your deathbed confession?

It would have to be how much I really like streaky bacon! I try to preach a healthy lifestyle to people but the thing is… bacon tastes so damn good!

What would your final words be?

I’m going home.

What would you have written on your gravestone?

Failure is not an option.

Who would you like to meet at the pearl gates of Heaven?

My grandmother.

Can you describe your vision of Heaven?

I actually think Heaven is on Earth. And when you die, you just die. You might be reincarnated into another body somewhere, or maybe as an animal… who knows? But if I had to describe Heaven it would be a place where every single thing that you enjoy is at your fingertips.

If you were reincarnated the next day what would you come back as?

An eagle. I don’t want to come back as a dog, as I would end up licking my own ass! But an eagle would be lovely because you get to soar.

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Shaggy's 'Hot Shot 2020' is out on July 10th.

Words: Robin Murray

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