Supreems On The Tracks That Inspired Debut Album ‘Nachtschone’

The Belgian artist's debut LP is out now...

Supreems is taking control. The Antwerp-based electronic artist exists on the fringes of club culture, merging after-hours tropes with his own, highly emotive explorations.

His 2018 release ‘Close Your Eyes (And Feel)’ remains a calling card, hazy house introspection aligned to breakbeat programming. A recent mini-release on Air Miles renewed his ambitions, gaining support from Bicep, Ross From Friends, and more.

Now, he’s ready to share something special. Released on his very own label Sweet Sun, debut album ‘Nachtschone’ blurs the lines between percussive techno and junglist workouts, infusing trance aspects with a thirst for the ambient.

Online in full, the album is named after the Mirabilis jalapa flower (meaning the marvel of Peru), and illustrates his talents in full bloom.

Here, Supreems breaks down some of the key influences on his new album.

Supreems – ‘Nachtschone’

‘Nachtschone’ is the title and final track of my album. I tried to write a song that makes you feel like you’re landing on a soft bed. A warm sense of tranquility is present; nostalgic feelings galore. This song was crying out for a music video that puts these feelings to image. You can watch the result above. 

Jennifur – ‘All of a Sudden

This song means so much to me on so many levels. Undoubtedly it’s influenced me in writing ‘Nachtschone’. We got in touch just to find out we’re mutual fans. I’m excited to announce that we’re currently collaborating on a project together. Keep your eyes peeled.

Giulia Tess – ‘Domenico’

‘Domenico’ features mesmerising vocals, and a song arrangement abiding by anything but the regular rules. An absolutely timeless tune on a timeless label.

gguusstt – ‘Scatty Workout’

You should have seen my face once I first heard this banger. It melted straight off.

Four Tet – ‘4T Recordings’

If there’s one thing I learned from listening to Four Tet over the past decade, it’s that the endlessness of possibilities in creating electronic music can be overwhelming, but when combined with natural elements, this endlessness can quickly be given shape, meaning and direction. I think this song fits as a perfect example of that. 

Nia Archives – ‘Conveniency’

I love everything about this tune. Nia has breathed new life into jungle music in so many ways. This one’s gentle breeze and storm at the same time.

Aleksandir – ‘I Used To Dream’

Part of a kind of album I strive to put together one day. 

TSHA – ‘Dancing in the shadows’

Emotional breakbeat. What else do you want? It’s the combination of vocals and strings that hit me here. Wait for it.

La Dame – ‘Non Ducor, Duco’

For me, this song is the definition of less is more. That bass coming in at 1:30 is dancefloor-indebted, yet it retains a light and fun attitude.

Bloc Party – ‘Where Is Home (Burial remix)

If the film genre ‘drama’ had to be scored by a song, this would be it. Brilliance.

‘Nachtschone’ by Supreems is out now. Listen on bandcamp.

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