"On the edge of your seat lizard lounge music."
Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma seem to want it all.

Despite their obvious youth, the band's pop potential is there for all to see - spread across countless live shows, dozens of festival appearances and two impeccable EPs.

The band's new release 'EP II' is out now, with Sundara Karma blossoming into something quite potent.

To toast their new project, Clash invited the band to take charge of our weekly Singles Column - here's what they made of the latest releases...

- - -

- - -

M22 - 'Good To Be Loved'

Reminiscent of a Summer beach roof top party. Packed with hot nostalgia and long evenings. There nothing incredibly outstanding about this track but the song has an overruling accessibility which everyone can connect to.

- - -

Redlight ft. Melisa Whiskey - 'Threshold'

Can certainly imagine it appealing to a lot of people. The tracks starts and you immediately know what it's gunna do for you. Definitely a Radio 1 track. Music video suits the track well bringing out perhaps more of the underlying emotional depth. All in all, it's a track that you could blast out at a Lola Los and not have people turn their noses up... But we're more Purple Turtle ourselves.

- - -

Samantha Jade - 'Always'
Bringing to mind a blend of any All Saints track and 'Clocks' by Coldplay. This tracks screams 00's and we love it. Sweet vocals and innocent melodies. The song subtly swirls you into a feel good rom-com and before you know it you're in Love Actually confessing your love to Hugh Grant.

- - -

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - 'Soul Makossa (Money)'

Wanna Be Starting Something by MJ immediately springs to mind but as the track progresses we are introduced to a percussive rhythm drawing influences from the likes of War and Macklemore - a weird side chained love child. You can't really help but move to this.

- - -

Royce Wood Jnr - 'Honey Dripper'

The production on this track is very impressive. If we were to throw a few contemporary names out there we would go with Jai Paul and Ben Kahn but the track also carries a quirkiness, similar to that of Aphex Twin or Squarepusher. At the same time there are also lovely R&B moments, sneaking in D'Angelo-esque harmonies and pacing. If we could only describe this track in one sentence it would be, "On the edge of your seat lizard lounge music."

- - -

Willie J Healey - 'Dude Like Him'

Our favourite one of the bunch. Personally I don't think you can go wrong when having, "I fell in love with a beauty queen but she's in love with other men" as one of the opening lyrics. It's such familiar territory and that sense of reciprocation only grows as you get deeper into the track. As soon as it shares with you something intimate, you want to give it something personal straight back.

Easily finding common ground under "Suburban skies" it makes you want to leave your "TV dinners and fast food weekends" behind and concentrate on not having to worry about anything. It oozes with the same sense of escapism that inspires us to do what we do.

- - -

Justin Bieber - 'No Pressure'

Oh Justin... Just keep doing what you're doing, there's obviously people that like it and that's great and we're happy for you bro.

- - -

Sundara Karma's 'EP II' is out now.

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