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Summer Camp

Surely you know how this works by now. Every Monday, new singles are released. Actually, sometimes they come out on Sunday. Or Wednesday. Or… Anyway, singles are released, sometimes. And every week, Clash asks another set of musical sorts – a band, a solo artist, a DJ, whoever tickles our biscuits at that moment – to review a bunch of them for us.

That way we can publish a right ol’ slagging and still say: “Well, Mr PR, that’s the opinion of that man from that band, see… Now, me, personally…” And so on.

That, and we’re lazy and can’t find the time between brewing brews and asking Matt to turn down his booming bass mixes to listen to a series of singles in a row. It’s just too punishing. So this week, it’s Summer Camp in the reviewer’s seat – or settled on the reviewer’s bed, if the above snap of the pair – Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley – is owt to go on.

The duo’s new LP, titled simply ‘Summer Camp’, is released via Moshi Moshi on September 9th. Check out a track from said second studio album, ‘Fresh’, below. Look! It’s all backwards!

It’s Elizabeth who’s provided the reviews, of tracks released on (ish) August 19th. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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Summer Camp, ‘Fresh’, from the album ‘Summer Camp’

- - -

Wretch 32 feat. Jacob Banks – ‘Doing OK’

We did a show once with Wretch 32 (not feat. Jacob Banks on that occasion). He was a very nice man and had Jamie Callum with him. He seems to be very good at doing feel-good rap music. Lyrics about being able to buy a flat and having children and buying halloumi and stuff. It's pretty vanilla, but pretty much everyone likes vanilla ice cream, so that's probably a good thing. He uses the word “lickle” in this song, which I remember from TFI Friday. Actually, this song could probably be about Chris Evans’ (Evans’s? I never know) career.

- - -

DJ Fresh vs Diplo feat. Dominique Young Unique – ‘Earthquake’

Who doesn't love Diplo, the disgustingly successful (quoting from Wikipedia here) “DJ, music producer, rapper, and songwriter”? His business cards must be huge. I mainly enjoy this song for the excellent accompanying video – they seem to be directly referencing Kick Ass 2, with Dominique (I know her name because it’s tattooed on her breast bone) leading a ragbag team of DIY vigilantes on a really long walk around New York (Or Metropolis?). Oh, it features in the soundtrack for Kick Ass 2. That's why. Hang on, I'm just going to chat to Chris Evans to see what he thinks of this one… “The beat is great, with synths and samples which seem to be inspired by the Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack.  Very ‘on brand’, but it doesn't make me FEEL ANYTHING.”  

- - -

Travis – ‘Moving’

I was never a big Travis fan, I'm going to say that from the off. But I remember they did have that incredible video where they were all on tour and getting so sick of each other that they kept beating each other up. As a young woman who never thought she'd get in a tourbus (tour van), I remember thinking: “Wow that is not a world I EVER want to get into.” Oh young me, you f*cking moron. I feel like this is a song Jamie Oliver would really love. I can imagine him and Jools twirling around in their beautiful farmhouse kitchen, their pink-cheeked cherubic offspring giggling as they sup at bowls of steaming cocoa. Travis seem like really lovely men, and I totally get why loads of people love them... but I feel like the weird pale stranger who’s just crashed a picture-perfect family scene and done a really smelly fart.

- - -

Ellie Goulding – ‘Burn’

Youth! Summer! Beauty! Ellie is amazing. I think she can do anything. She sang at the frickin' Royal wedding and now she’s got a song with a massive beat and big raving synth and weird vocal distortion and it totally works. I have only good things to say about this woman.  

- - -

Ballet School – ‘Heartbeat Overdrive’

Urgh god, I love this. I can’t help it I love it so much. That Cure-esque guitar, the high hoots, the echoes of Liz Fraser. I feel like it’s so obvious that I would love this that I don't want to, I'm trying to challenge myself into finding something about it I don’t like. BUT THERE’S NOTHING THERE. I LOVE IT ALL. OH FFS.  

- - -

The Drowning Men – ‘Lost In A Lullaby’

Wow that drum is so... rolling. The video for this is confusing me so I’m going to stop watching. I feel like from the song the video should be four men standing in black, smoke billowing around them, playing their instruments and emoting. But it’s not; it’s a man from Dalston going down a mineshaft. I’m descended from miners, so this appeals to me. Plus they were Welsh miners so apparently they all had golden baritones. ARGH, no one wants to know about your heritage Elizabeth! Ooh I like the slight breakdown in the middle. This is good. Would listen again. 

- - -

Adam J feat. Amelle Berrabah – ‘Love Is All We Need’

I’ve been asked to come up with a topline on a song like this twice now, and both times it was an unmitigated disaster. I couldn’t work out how to mesh my weird bit of vocal with their nuts, intense house keys. So it just sounded really tacked on. And I’d end up doing loads of vocal twiddles and repeats of lyrics to fill in the gaps when I’d run out of ideas. Yep. Chris Evans LOVES this one, though.

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Find Summer Camp online here.

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