Summer Camp: Behind The Scenes

Elizabeth Sankey talks Clash through the making of new video 'Fresh'...

For our latest video for our latest single ('Fresh') from our latest album ('Summer Camp'), we had about 24 hours to make our floral dreams come true. We worked with the incredible Lucy Needs, who has directed a lot of brilliant videos in her time. Including THAT Slow Club/Daniel Radcliffe collaboration.

The day started at 4am with Lucy going to Covent Garden flower market to buy a hundred million flowers (exact number) and then bringing them the studio where they covered the ground like a bunch of sweet-smelling colourful corpses.

We had got back from a show at 4am the night before, so it was a breeze to get up at 8am and go to the studio. We relished it, in fact. Once there Jeremy and our friend Ash helped Lucy paint the back wall bright pink.

The day before we had both been set the task of learning the song backwards, as Lucy wanted to do lots of cool things with stems. I thought this would be easy. I was a fool. But the good thing is that now I can sing the entire thing backwards, and I'm sure that will be really useful at some point in my life.

We had one of our best friends Sybilla Findley doing our makeup. Here she is touching up Jeremy's face. He is such a demanding diva.

And yes, that is a bumbag hanging from her arm. 


We were both wearing suits for the video as we're getting old and it's important to look smart in life. My mum always says, “Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”.

So I guess Jeremy wants a job as a funky mustard salesman.

I went for white because it's classic and really makes my intensely rich tan pop. Spot Sybilla in the background about to attack me with the powder brush.

Jeremy spent a very long time learning to play his guitar parts backwards, but you don't actually see that much (if at all) in the video. So here is a photo of it instead. Oh no, wait that's not gonna work…ugh whatever, it's just a bloody guitar part Jeremy, get over it.

After lunch we had to attach all the flowers to the back wall so they made a backdrop. We got them all up there, using string and will power….

Then the strings snapped and we had to do it all over again. I took the opportunity this small break afforded to have an impromptu photo shoot with the flowers.

I am available to photograph Weddings, Mitzvahs – both Bar and Bat – and any other special times you would like to treasure forever.

We finally got all the flowers on the wall. Here is Lucy, you can really see how stressed she is. From her arm.

We shot the video on one of the hottest days of the year, and I was sweating a lot in my suit. It's important to stay hydrated in the summer kids.

Finally it was time for the last shots of the day, and Jeremy really pulled it out of the bag and did a lot of good emoting with his face while singing, “oooowww resf”

The flowers were now all completely destroyed and we had to paint the wall back to white. But we'd done it, in 24 hours, and without bloody Anneka Rice.

Keep it floral mother f**kers.

 – Elizabeth Sankey

Watch the final cut of 'Fresh' below.

– – –

'Summer Camp' is out now.

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