Win Battle Vinyl, new Game

A long time ago, in a gaming galaxy far, far away, eons before the Wii, Xbox and all that jazz, there was Street Fighter II.

Back in 1991, this gritty urban slugfest was just about the most exciting thing anyone had ever seen, and the characters’ feverish to shouts became particularly quotable. Now, to tie in with the fourth edition of Street Fighter, released on February 20th, the full set of SFII sound effects are being released on limited edition ‘battle vinyl’ for the first time, for DJs and producers to sample, throw into live sets, and generally make merry hell with. Given a bit of a head-start in this area were Ninja Tunes’ audio-visual experts Hexstatic, who got busy on both the SFX and visuals to good effect - hop to to check out their ’Fighter mash-up.

Meanwhile, we’ve got three copies of both the battle vinyl and the new game to give away –answer the question below to throw your hat into the ring (click to enter)

When was the Street Fighter II game released?


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