Hear the San Fran duo's latest LP on Clash, via Deezer

In space, no one can hear you stream. Because it’s a vacuum, y’see. Noise doesn’t travel. But since we’re all earthbound, us human sorts – mostly – we can all enjoy the latest LP from The Dodos, ‘Carrier’, streaming now at Deezer. Thanks, atmosphere!

An indie-folksy-psych-y pairing of musicians Meric Long and Logan Kroeber, The Dodos now find themselves on album five, having seen previous sets attract no little acclaim. ‘Carrier’ finds the band doing things differently, though. For the first time, Long began the record’s creative process with the words first and music second, preferring silence as a stimulant over the strums and thwacks of the duo’s ballpark sound.

Partially informed by the passing of touring guitarist and Women member Chris Reimer, ‘Carrier’ finds Long and Kroeber collaborating with friends from their hometown of San Francisco. Magik*Magik Orchestra, for example, appear on numerous cuts. Recorded in the analogue-friendly Tiny Telephone studio operated by John Vanderslice, this set is gimmick-free and its passion palpable.

So take advantage of Earth’s gravity-captured gases and stream ‘Carrier’ via Deezer below. Clash will be posting a lot more Deezer-hosted/streamed content in the future as part of a rather splendid new deal between us and them. More news on that, soon.

‘Carrier’ is released on Polyvinyl on August 26th. Find The Dodos online here

Photo: Chloe Aftel

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