Blissed out 90s nostalgia...

If you were there, it's impossible to think about the early 90s without mentioning the weather.

Simply put: Britain roasted. A series of record breaking summers brought about widespread hosepipe bans, scorched grass and endless evenings basking in the fading heat.

No wonder, then, that a new generation have seized upon those times as some sort of blissful golden era. A host of breaking groups are wearing their influences on their sleeve, using the 90s are a reference point for all that's cool, progressive and optimistic.

SULK though, could well be a cut above. For a start, the band's songwriting is strong enough to stand independently, with the London group playfully picking apart their influences to find something unique.

Sure, there's a baggy swagger on show, as well as the odd nod towards Creation's shoegaze stable, but what comes through most strongly of all is a willingness to divert from source material, an eagerness to display their own tastes rather than that of their forebears.

Out today through Perfect Sound Forever, SULK are letting ClashMusic readers become the first to stream 'Graceless' in its entirety.

Check it out below, then leave your views in the comments section.

Purchase SULK's debut album 'Graceless' at the band's website.

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