From Brian Eno and Rick Holland

Brian Eno likes to work in a particular fashion.

Not for nothing did Coldplay coin the term 'Enoxification' to acknowledge the impact the producer had on their music, with Brian Eno helping to inspire those around him to tackle creative projects in a different manner.

A long term collaboration with the poet Rick Holland resulted in this year's album 'Drums Between The Bells'. Merging poetry with electronic music, Brian Eno seemed to break down the definitions of 'poem' and 'song' across a series of fascinating, infuriatingly intelligent spoken word vignettes.

Sessions ran for some time, with the partnership able to sustain a further EP. 'Panic Of Looking' is out now on Warp, containing segments which didn't make sense within the overall structure of the parent album.

Given renewed focus as an independent work, the material on 'Panic Of Looking' is an enthralling addendum to a ground-breaking partnership.

ClashMusic is able to stream 'Panic Of Looking' in full - listen to it below...

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