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Some of the greatest musical partnerships have happened by chance.

Mick Jagger met Keith Richards while waiting for a train. Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart bonded in high school. Leila and Mt. Sims first met while attending a fancy dress party.

In one corner, Leila stood dressed as herself. Mt. Sims meanwhile, was a CPU - thereby establishing the core of their relationship. The Warp signing invited the producer to her home studio, and their instant connection ended with ‘In Consideration' being laid down within two hours.

The relationship between Leila and Mt. Sims is what underpins 'U&I'. Out on Monday (January 23rd) the album is a remarkably fresh sounding document, something which mirrors the ease of its composition.

Working primarily via email, Leila claims that both 'Anyway' and 'U&I' were laid down within 30 minutes of the stems landing in her Inbox. A fixture on the ClashMusic stereo, Mischa Pearlman eloquently explained that 'U&I' "flits between cognisance and insanity, euphoria and emotional breakdown across forty-five minutes of shape-shifting beats, loops, samples and disembodied vocal stylings. Intense and claustrophobic, it’s a surprisingly revelatory record that captures the highs and lows of human experience and existence."

As a special Friday treat, ClashMusic are able to bring you the stream of 'U&I' - listen to it below...

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