Religious doubt and rejuvenation...

Religion isn't just something you sign up to then forget all about.

For believers, it's something that occupies every facet of your life. A committed Christian, Cheri MacNeil pushed harder and harder with her own beliefs. At the start of her twenties, the songwriter was something close to a fanatic.

Yet, somehow, doubts remained. Slowing crumbling away, Cheri MacNeil found her religious beliefs tumbling to the ground. Shaken to her core, the songwriter found solace in music and began shaping her thoughts.

What follows is a remarkable record. Recorded under her pseudonym of Dear Reader, 'Idealistic Animals' is a break up album - except this isn't the collapse of a personal relationship but a metaphysical one.

Analysing her old beliefs and reflecting on the nature of faith, 'Idealistic Animals' finds Cheri MacNeil embracing a new stage in her life. Out now through City Slang, you can stream the album in full below...

Dear Reader - Idealistic Animals by cityslang

- - -

Dear Reader / Laura Gibson are set to play a joint album launch show on Monday (January 16th) at London's The Social venue.

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