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Imaginary Walls Collapse

Adam Stafford may well deserve an introduction, but in all honesty he shouldn't need one.

A creative lynchpin in Glasgow band Y'All Is Fantasy Island he led the group through four studio albums, four efforts in which the band delighted, amused but never quite perfected a sound driven by both supreme folk and alt rock influences.

Turning solo, Adam Stafford now matches music to a blossoming career as a film maker. Debut LP 'Build A Harbour Imminently' was, simply, astonishing and has gradually built up a cult following since its release back in 2011.

Lacking the support of a big label, an expensive campaign or a hot-shot radio plugger, 'Build A Harbour Imminently' succeeded through artistry, through the gravitas of its songwriting and the effectiveness of its production.

Well, Adam Stafford is back and he might just have surpassed his own standards...

New album 'Imaginary Walls Collapse' shares the same looping patterns which dominated its predecessor, repetition which spirals outwards exponential possibilities.

Out on July 15th via Song, By Toad it's a quite remarkable record, one which is both highly complex and ultimately welcoming.

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'Imaginary Walls Collapse' is set to be released on July 15th.

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