The best ways to open a DJ set...

Berlin based producer Sam Shure has a real breadth to his sound.

Stellar releases on Stil Vor Talent, Mukke and Bar 25 Music have carved out his singular reputation, fusing club tropes with deeper, more left field elements.

It's an approach that reaches fresh heights on his album 'Laconia', filtering through stirring melodies with some epic moments.

Out on September 20th, it's a big moment for his fans, and for the artist himself. Sam Shure comments:

“My first studio album Laconia gave me the freedom to try different genres and styles. This has partially pushed me to my limits, but above all, I have been able to learn a lot, also for further productions. Each song tells a little story that was mainly inspired by the different places of my travels because I like to capture ideas on the go and put them into practice in the studio.”

With this in mind, Clash caught up with Sam Shure to discuss five ways to open out a DJ set...

- - -

David Hacohen - 'Gump' (DistroKid)

The track 'Gump' is a very soft and slowly rising start for an opening set. It drags you into spheres of pads and guitars and has a very nice hypnotic atmosphere, which can lead to a rather deep or very driving track afterwards.

- - -

Sam Shure - 'Louna' (Stil vor Talent)

'Louna' is part of my upcoming album Laconia and is a good way to start a set with slower tempo. It's having a melancholic but rather uplifting vibe and combines acoustic elements with an electronic body.

I tried to arrange it in a way which makes the listener curious about what comes up next.

- - -

Amonita - 'Hidden Rapture' (Akbal Music)

'Hidden Rapture' is the perfect start for summer days and the festival season. You automatically start tapping with your feet and get into the mood with the light guitar loop. It's one of the tracks which make the crowd smile and set a great mood for and uplifting set.

- - -

Dousk - 'Psychbabble' (D-Nox &K.A.L.I.L Remix) (Beat Boutique)

If you take over at an early nighttime slot and want to set a groove and deep vibe, 'Psychobabble' is a good choice. It's easy to mix in almost everything because of its DJ friendly intro. I really like the vibe of the track, for me it sounds like a rocket takeoff somehow.

- - -

Memos - 'Puurna' (Pipe & Pochet)

'Puurna' is a very sexy start for an after-hour with a dreamy start which develops into a groovy and deep universe. It's not very predictable and you want to hear what comes after every break, which is what makes special for me.

- - -

'Laconia' will be released on September 20th.

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