Oliver Huntemann
Techno pioneer on how to open out a DJ set...

German techno pioneer Oliver Huntemann has always done things his own way.

The producer's 2017 LP 'Propaganda' found him surging into new grounds, while his sets remain at the cutting edge, providing something unique in the process.

Recently opening his own Taqueria restaurant called Holy Taco in Hamburg's ultra-illicit Reeperbahn district, he combines this with global touring.

A vastly experienced DJ, Oliver Huntemann offers up some tips on opening out a DJ set in Starter For Five...

- - -

Pink Floyd - 'Is There Anybody Out There?'

This is not really an ordinary intro which you can start just every set with...

Pink Floyd’s ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ has been sitting in my record shelf since I bought it when I was a teenager. I would be lying if I’d say I carried the vinyl around to just wait for the right moment. But I did bring it back to my record box a few years ago when I switched to digital files. I knew somehow this piece of art needs to travel with me.

Three years ago I found the perfect place and time to use it when I had the honor to close the Turmbühne at Fusion Festival, Germany. Incomparable three hours with a once in a lifetime intro.

- - -

Humankind - 'Genome'

Usually someone is doing the warm-up in the club. Depending on the mood I like to not interrupt the flow of the artist before me.

‘Genome’ is pretty perfect to get from a smoother vibe to a really dark one. And it still leaves plenty of room to give a round of applause as well.

- - -

Mehmet Özbek - 'Evelynn' (Original Mix)

The club is pumping already, its already early in the morning and I’m joining in for a closing set. That’s when ‘Evelynn’ comes in handy for me.

The tune takes the pace out of the rough night, without destroying the energy. It gives the audience a chance to calm down a little bit but when the track enters the last part with its super deep kick and unexpected groove cuts, everyone is back awake and ready for a last spin - my closing set.

- - -

Plastikman - 'Hypokondriak' (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)

The festival season is great but it also means often tight slots. Headlining DJs are all expected to deliver on point - there's not really much time to build tension with a few tracks. This is the moment when I start with Len Faki’s rework of ‘Hypokondriak’. It gets the crowd on fire within the first minute, especially after taking over with a faster BPM.

- - -

Shaded - 'I Got Haters' (Original Mix)

If I’m not sure how the crowd is acting, Shaded’s ‘I Got Haters’ is my go-to tool. The track is dark as the night and has this massive bassline, combined with some minimal vocal and sound snippets. A secret weapon for every occasion and the perfect start into a straight and energetic set.

- - -

Oliver Huntemann will play London's Steelyard on April 17th. Oliver Huntemann's 'Tranquilizer 2.0' is out now including remixes from Hidden Empire, Ilija Djokovic and Christian Craken.

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