The best ways to open up a DJ set...

Maribou State's lush take on left-field house has supplied some immaculate headphone moments over the years.

Two superb albums have come our way from the London based duo, while their supple live sets have criss-crossed the globe.

Matching these performances to sought after DJ sets, Maribou State apply the same sense of excellence to everything that they tackle.

The pair - Chris Davids and Liam Ivory - take charge of the latest fabric mix, and it's a heady trip, one packed with deep cuts and surprises.

Out now, Clash caught up with Maribou State to find out how they open out their DJ sets in Starter For Five.

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Lee Morgan – 'Search For The New Land'

I found this record off the back of watching the documentary, I Called Him Morgan.

The entire piece is a dynamic introspective journey, almost 15 minutes long, but the textural swells of the first section work perfectly to reset the palate from the previous DJ, whilst creating a good amount of tension without dragging thing’s out for too long.

- - -

Don Cherry – 'Utopia And Visions'

Like a lot of our favourite intro tracks, ‘Utopia And Visions’ also serves to try and reset the energy and BPM in the room without upsetting the flow. Our DJ sets can move all over the place in terms of genre and these intro’s are very helpful to establish a feeling in the room of what’s to come. 

Unlike other intro tracks we have of this style, this dreamy piece from Don Cherry has a much longer structure and is perfect for kicking off extended sets. It’s very hypnotic and scatty in the perfect way so that whatever the proceeding track is will always feels very impactful.

- - -

Womack & Womack – 'MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau)' (Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom Mix)

As you can probably gather from the above selections, we often like to try to make an obvious starting point with our DJ sets that clearly signifies a change in mood, genre, style etc. We find it’s a great challenge and also a good tool for sussing out the crowd to go in and rebuild the room back up from a starting point of our choosing.

With that in mind, this Womack & Womack track is a great one for kicking things off with something more electronic and with a little more urgency than the others, whilst still delivering a healthy dose of anticipation before the beat kicks.

- - -

Alice Coltrane – 'Turiya & Ramakrishna'

There’s no real story or master plan behind this one, it’s an incredible, mystical piece of music with Alice Coltrane really showing her unique talents as a pianist.

It’s a piece of music that we’ve adored for a long time and it very much just follows the format of the other intro jazzy tracks previously mentioned, just with a slightly different tone and mood.

- - -

Daft Punk – 'Fresh'

I feel like this one needs little explanation. It’s the perfect track to signify the start of a new set. Awash with natural atmosphere from the field recordings and a feeling of almost being called to attention from the guitar line, which quickly moves into the classic Daft Punk sound at a much higher tempo than the other options we’ve mentioned.

Allowing us to kick things off at a faster pace with much more energy and intensity. A great one for a shorter festival set where we’re looking to bring the heat in a shorter space of time.

- - -

'fabric presents Maribou State' is out now - LINK.

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