Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum chat to Clash...

J-E-T-S is a partnership that unites two pivotal voices in club culture.

Between them Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum have built up singular, definitive approaches to making electronic music, expanding the lexicon of house and techno in the process.

Uniting as J-E-T-S the two truly throw away the rule book, inviting a host of superb guests into the studio.

Out now, debut album 'ZOOSPA' features vocals from Dawn Richard, Mykki Blanco, Rochelle Jordan, Kingjet and Tkay Maidza, but what comes through most clearly of all is the pair's relish for exploring new ideas.

With countless live and DJ sets still to come, J-E-T-S sat down with Clash to discuss the best ways to open a set in Starter For Five...

- - -

Janet Jackson - 'Intro Mashup'

Machinedrum: The intros and interludes on Janet Jackson albums are always so nice, calming and poetic. I made a mashup of around 10 of her intros and interludes into one epic piece to use in our sets.

I added some sound design elements as well to bring it into 2019, also some extra wind chimes for effect, but the essence of the original Janet Jackson intros is still there.

- - -

Jimmy Edgar - 'Erik Satie'

Jimmy: This is a piece I made after learning how to play a piano composition by Erik Satie. This intro works very well in a large auditorium where the lights can be brought down very low.

It feels as though it can clean the energy before entering into any more music. I wanted it to feel like when you go to a car wash and see the sponges hitting the window as you drive by, cleaning everything in sight.

- - -

Michael E - 'Teenage Hammer'

Jimmy: A drum track is my preferred way to inject a new sense of rhythm. This is a clumsy 808 recording and disorienting but its perfect to bring some type of cross aligned sounds together.

I think this works a bit like binaural sounds, once they match rhythms then they have a way of creating the feeling of synch and alignment.

- - -

Lanark Artefax - 'Flickering Debris'

Machinedrum: This is a great palate cleanser if you're following someone's set that doesn't exactly fit your vibe. Maybe they ended their set too hype or the tempo/genre is way off from what you normally play.

The thing I love about this track is that it has enough space to allow in the crowd to reset, but some nice big moments to grab everyone's attention so that they are ready to hear what's next.

- - -

Ploy - 'Roy's Roll'

Jimmy: This is the song we played during our intro for C12 in Brussels. A very big club set in a train station. I received this track as a gift from a friend who knows I like 32nd notes.

All the intricacies create an exciting venture into our world. An intro song is the most important song to play in a DJ set.

- - -

'ZOOSPA' is out now.

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