Eli & Fur
Electronic powerhouse reveal the best ways to start a set...

Production duo Eli & Fur have fought their way to the top of the game.

A continually in-demand production package, their dancefloor weapons detonate with stunning accuracy.

Returning with new EP 'Coming Back' on February 15th, the track has been given the remix treatment by no less than Maya Jane Coles.

A stellar package, it kicks off another huge year for Eli & Fur, with dates confirmed across the globe.

Clash caught up with the pair to explore the best ways to kick off a DJ set in Starter For Five...

- - -

Ghest - 'Eternia'

For those darker, later sets we love this track to start with. We often start with a breakdown of a track to get people’s attention and build up live drums loops on top of that.

This is example of a wicked breakdown that you can build on, the track in itself is also a banger. The break starts off very minimal and then the arp starts to come in, then the stabs, the tension builds super slow. It’s dark and deep but melodic. We set the cue point at the start of the break and then loop it for as long as needed. 

It’s always a lot of fun to start the set more experimental and play with the crowd a bit, just putting your own spin on things and trying to create an atmosphere unique to you. Ghest is putting out some awesome and interesting releases that we really like.

- - -

Antor - 'Bend'

Been starting our sets a lot with this track. It’s a real journey energy wise and has a really strong identity. The groove is nice at the start and there’s not a lot going on so it works well mixing in to most tracks, again it’s a slow build. You get those awesome claps coming in at the start which always sound great in a big room. The bass line is nice and heavy and then the piano stabs are wicked.

We like starting the journey with something that builds nicely with a lot of different elements. We really like to play sets that go in a lot of different directions sounds wise so when you find a track that almost communicates that in its entirety it gives people a taste of what’s to come.

These guys are doing some awesome stuff and have been playing their tracks for while now. 'Horn' is also a great release from them.

- - -

Audiojack - 'Reverie'

Mad percussion! This one is so great as it really cuts through, lots of high frequencies and a nice groove. Feel you can’t really go wrong starting with a really strong percussive track.

This track we play a lot in full but we also play about with different sections of it throughout the set. It’s really diverse in all its parts. The first minute is more minimal then it builds in the drums but doesn’t do a lot, it’s very understated but because the groove is so good it doesn’t get boring and it brings a lot to any track, just looping it and playing around with it. Then that really minimal breakdown where it drops to basically nothing, it really gets people's attention... a great track which we are loving at the moment.

- - -

Motor City Drum Ensemble - 'L.O.V.E.'

Such a classic track and one of our favourites. Would play this day time by a pool or on the beach. The groove is killer. We don’t get to start our sets with this a lot, just for one it’s super laid back and also it starts pretty melodic and often the DJ before you is going dictate the vibe.

Of course it’s important to put your own spin on things but at the same time continue the journey. Played this one first at Cafe Mambo Ibiza a few years back, we get excited when we get the chance and it suits the vibe. The vocal is super sexy and addictive.

- - -

Eli & Fur - 'Chlo'

This is an old one of ours that we often like to start with. We do like to play as much of our own stuff as possible when we do headlines shows. It’s always a nice challenge getting to a show and having to decide in a relatively short amount of time what is going to work after what the other DJ is playing.

If there’s a real vibe and we don’t feel like the crowd wants that break but we also want to start with something unique to us then we often go with this one. It’s quite understated and laid back so it has to be the right moment.

Played this recently in Mexico, we started at sunset and it just felt like the right emotion. We usually play tracks to our emotions and what we would want to hear at that point in time.

- - -

Eli & Fur 'Coming Back' is released on February 15th through NYX Music - pre-order LINK.

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