The best way to launch your DJ set...

Denney never fails to move a crowd.

The house star cut his teeth at Back To Basics in Leeds, learning the hard way from one of the most demanding crowds in the country.

Developing his own sound, Denney has released a flurry of vital cuts over the past 12 months, first on Nic Fanculli’s Saved Records and another EP on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound.

With the temperatures rising we're already thinking of big outdoor parties, and all-day festivals, and with an already packed schedule Denney will be with us every step of the way.

Clash caught up with the selector to discuss the best ways to open a DJ set in Starter For Five...

- - -

Audiojack - 'Turya'

I have started quite a few sets with this over the years.It’s got a wicked spoken vocal and groove to it which really lets you go anywhere. I also love the acid licks that come in half-way through and open up towards the end of the record.

I've known the Audiojack lads for well over a decade now and love what they have been making over the last few years, especially their stuff on Crosstown Rebels. Their production is always wicked and they make really trippy tracks.This is the type of record you can use in a warm up, peak time or late night, it has the perfect balance and is definitely something that will still sound great in 10 years’ time.

A stand out from playing it was opening my set at Gottwood Festival last year, it sounded amazing and the setting was perfect. I doubt this will ever leave my bag.

- - -

Burski - 'Circuits'

Aside from the fact I have grown up with Burnski and we are best mates, he is an absolutely incredible producer and somebody I feel should have a lot more recognition. This track came out on his label Constant Sound in 2017 and is possibly my favourite record he's made.

It has an amazing groove to it and these really weird, mad sounds bouncing all over the place, which when you play on big system sound like they are flying around the room. I don't have a clue how he made it but it’s cool as fuck and a record that is a great opener if you are playing more of a peak time set, as it has lots of energy but not too in your face.

The groove just builds and builds, I love it.

- - -

Hector - 'Stoned Raiders'

This is a record I have been playing for years and it still sounds amazing. It was released in 2012 on Adam Shelton and Subb-an's One Records. It’s a track I started on many times at Back To Basics around that time and it always got a great reaction. It always reminds me of Basics at The Garage which was a really fun time.

It’s just a proper groover but has some real balls to it and when it comes in after the break, sounds pretty heavy on a big system. It has these trippy synths in it so you can literally go anywhere after you have played it.It’s definitely my favourite track from Hector and will always be a track I go back to.

- - -

Hollen - 'I Wanna Ask You Something'

This is a wicked track to start a festival set with,its production is big but with the stabs keep it a bit deeper, which allows you to go anywhere musically. At festivals,you tend to not really get that long for a set so you need to keep the energy going from the person before you and this track allows you to do that perfectly.

I have been a big fan of Chus and Ceballos for years and their label Stereo Productions tends to put great music out so it was no surprise to find this on there. Hollen is a killer producer and I play many of his tracks but this one is definitely one of my favourites by him.

- - -

Spencer K and Collective Machine - 'Sonic Attitude'

This is a track that is great to start on when I play later sets, it has deep melodic undertones to it but has quite a bit of energy, so a good one to set your stall with. The spoken vocals have some crazy effects on the,which give it quite a trippy element but the piano still keeps it on a house tip.

It’s released on Nick Curly’s label 8bit which has always put out quality music over the years, this is no exception and a really great record. When I first played this out, it actually surprised me how big it sounds on a proper sound system.

The production is fantastic, another really good timeless track.

- - -

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