The best ways to open out a DJ set...

Becoming Real is ready to re-materialise.

The enigmatic producer has built an intoxicating, vivid catalogue, but it's one defined by defying expectation, and pursuing lucid yet idiosyncratic trails.

New EP 'Mist Face' is another overhaul of his sound, with its dystopian atmosphere and sense of future shock underpinned by an interest in cyberpunk, grime, and recent ambient innovations.

Now based in Copenhagen, Becoming Real remains as immersed in club culture as ever, with his fantastic production output augmented by his abilities as a peerless selector.

Clash caught up with Becoming Real to discuss the best ways to open out a DJ set in Start For Five...

- - -

Florence - ‘Mykena’

Remember when no one is in the club, it is basically a dormant empty temple where most people come bearing their inner child that hides the tears of social paranoia and 9-5 dead end jobs. Play this to remind them of the sheer horror of day to day routine before getting lost in the night.

- - -

Damien Dubrovnik - 'Penis Corset’

My favourite Danish boy band, set the fucking tone with this one, cut the middle, cut the club to pieces, raise the sleeping bodies and do the hell dance. Or just smash up your pint glass.

- - -

The Nags Head - 'Sour English’

Ice cold wind blowing in from somewhere on the moors of Dorset, with lost rude boiz neckin' bucky chanting about being born in mums best dogging motor. Either way it casts a spell and reaches it's frost bitten fingers round the club - can I see my breath on the dance floor?

- - -

Schwefelgelb - 'Im Wasser’

Slow jammer; German EBM dun propa. Strobe lights with a hint of Pet Shop Boys is always gonna loosen up the dance floor, and live these guys always destroy.

- - -

Becoming Real - 'True Angel’ [Unreleased]

Think this really sounds like you're bringing a digital yokia into the club, like a cloud that appears above the audience and rain down refrains that everyone should incant before joining in the start of the night. Forthcoming on my new EP, 'Mist Face'.

- - -

- - -

'Mist Face' will be released on June 19th.

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