Starter For Five: Auntie Flo

Starter For Five: Auntie Flo

The perfect way to open a DJ set...

Auntie Flo has always been intricately intrigued by the time and space music operates in.

A natural crate-digger, the Glasgow-born producer delves into trans-global sounds while pursuing his own path, with this unique approach making each release something to savour.

Out now, new EP 'Kabsa' was prompted by a trip to Lebanon in 2017, with the full release exploring the Levantine coastline.

Available on Moscoman’s Disco Halal imprint, the track titles are loosely themed around dishes from the region, with further trips to Tel Aviv, Marrakesh and Istanbul augmenting Auntie Flo's gourmet platter.

It's a typically involved release, with the depth of the production allying that supreme rhythmic kick against some highly atmospheric melodies.

'Kabsa' is available to buy and stream now, with Auntie Flo preparing a summer of DJ sets across Europe and beyond, bringing his outernational set to a continent near you.

Clash caught up with Auntie Flo to discuss the perfect way to open a DJ set in Starter For Five...

- - -

Auntie Flo - 'Baba'

I've been using the first track from my new 'Kabsa' EP on Disco Halal as a set opener for over a year now.

The beat takes a while to drop so if the DJ playing before is banging it out, this can reset the mood nicely, works especially well in a dark club - I remember playing it working especially well to a packed crowd at Manchester's Hidden last year.

- - -

Nicola Conte - 'African Spirits'

I played after Italian legend Nicola Conte in a gig in a museum in Milan recently and he gave me this on vinyl. I'd been a fan of his jazz and Brazilian comps but this blew me away - nice dubby percussion with a jazz element that builds.

Nice way to test out if the vinyl decks are working in the club!

- - -

Auntie Flo - 'Havana Rhythm Dance Dub'

For summer festivals, I learned that it's often best to have a track prepared that acts as a little intro to my set. I view festival DJ sets as a completely different thing to clubs - you often get one hour and the crowd has a much shorter attention span.

I created this intro using Andew Ashong's vocal parts to my 'Havana Rhythm Dance' track from 'Radio Highlife', specifically for my set on Boiler Room Miami and will def be using it this summer!

- - -

Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro - 'Blu Terra'

I picked this up in Discos Paradisos Barcelona, and it's released by a sub label of theirs Urpa I Musell. This track is so beautiful and acts as a nice palette cleanser to whatever came before it but can also be mixed with a straight kick at around 100bpm.

I remember opening with it at the Good Room in New York - it really set the scene and it turned out to be my favourite set i've done in recent memory.

- - -

Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings - 'Ashrams'

This track has been a favourite opener of mine for a while - the production is incredible and a total triumph of a collaboration from three pretty disparate artists all at the top of their game.

Like all the openers in the list, the track is beatless to begin with, so can be mixed with anything. It starts with the saxophone so I usually loop and delay that part to go over whatever came before it before going into the actual track.

- - -

'Kabsa' is out now - LINK.

Catch Auntie Flo at NT's, London on May 24th - details.

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