The best way to launch your DJ set...

French producer Agoria likes to go deeper than most.

An artist obsessed with sound, his philosophical edge takes his studio work into fresh realms.

Recently returning with new album 'Drift' - his first in eight years - Agoria is on a rich run of form, boldly entering fresh ground.

New EP 'Visits' is out now, a full collaboration with Jacques, whose own work walks defiantly down a singular path.

It's set to be a busy year for Agoria, with Clash finding out how the French artist likes to open a DJ set in Starter For Five.

- - -

- - -

Agoria ft Phoebe Kildeer - 'Embrace' (Black Coffee Remix)

I love to start with Nati remix. The BPM is slow and the intro helps to refresh all minds. Once the choir appears with the kick it always sets a big smile on all faces.

 I usually do a loop with the drums section after the main break, that helps me to mix any genre as second track of the set. 

- - -

Blaze – ‘My Beat (Sumo Acapella)’

I love to start my Drift residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza with this a capella from Blaze’s classic. Mixing it with percussions set up my mood nicely.

- - -

Musucemi - ‘Mr Q’

Of course sometimes, I mix my first track with the last one of previous artist. Yesterday I did an eight bars loop of bass and drum's section at 3’30.

Could sound like the beginning of Carl Craig tune, then the little break gives space to thanks the DJ before me and then piano arrives nicely.

- - -

Park Hye Jin - ‘If U Want It’

Freshness all around.

- - -

Levon Vincent - 'A2 Dance Pt IV'

One of my fave artist. Love his melodies and arrangement. This one is coming from the centre of your body, and it will make u dance right away.

- - -

'Visit' EP is out now.

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