SS14: The Duffer Of Saint George Japan

The label's premium strand comes to Europe.

Think of The Duffer of Saint George and your initial instinct will place it somewhere on your local high street, perhaps on that lad who’s always riding his bike on the pavement.

This season for the first time ever, the premium strand of the label – Duffer of Saint George Japan – is being made available outside of Asia.

Cue the 1984 founded brand tapping into the talents of Ellis Scott and William Barnes for a new editorial to display the garments in all their glory, as displayed above.

Using Hugh Holland and Richard Linklater as a starting point – namely the former’s ‘Locals Only’ photo series and the latter’s movie ‘Dazed and Confused’ – the photographer and stylist swap the current wet climate for a sunny 70s surf vibe; note also the 90s bucket hats and phwoar, maybe that kid on the bike does have the right idea.

Available from late February.


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