Speck Mountain

Mountains of sound...

Chicago based psychedelic rock band Speck Mountain have been blowing minds with their debut album “Summer Above”. Spectral and haunting, this LP was drenched in reverb, soaked in delay and fairly damp with chilling harmonies.

Unlike the majority of ‘space rock’ groups, Speck Mountain place equal emphasis on their song structures as they do their shattering soundscapes. We caught up with the band for a short chat…

Firstly, can you tell Clash readers a bit about yourself, who you are and where you’re from?

We fell in love with the city

The band members are Karl, Marie-Claire, and Kate. We come from Detroit, LA, and Boston respectively. We all got really meaningless liberal arts degrees in New York City.

Your record, 2006’s debut ‘Summer Above’ has been a bit of a sleeper hit for you, are you happy with the way things have been going for you so far?

Yeah, I think the right people are hearing and responding to the record.

Your early stuff reminds me of Camera Obscura and Mazzy Star, but the newer tracks seem to have more of a darker, bluesy feel, (especially ‘Blood Is Clean’) have you noticed a slight change in your sound?

Yeah. We had a very specific idea of he kind of record we wanted to make with “Summer Above”. We feel free from those constraints now and we’re focusing more on individual songs than one overall concept.

Piccadilly Records put you in their top5 end-of-year list before your LP had even been released in the UK,that must have been pretty cool …

It was the most flattering thing that has ever happened to us.

How is the new album panning out? Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to?

It was the most flattering thing that has ever happened to us

Well…its still not out in the UK. We just finished up another record that we’re very proud of that should hit stateside in Sept. 2008. We’re doing a tour of the UK in May and Europe in the fall.

Is it true you all hail from various places such as Portland, Detroit and L.A, how did you collectively settle in Illinois?

We met in New York City at University and ended up recording our record in Chicago. We fell in love with the city and decided we wanted to make the band a full time thing…so we agreed to all move here.

What are your plans for 2008?

Putting out the new record and touring the US, and Europe.

What have been your best and worst gig experiences?

I don’t know which gig was best, but the worst was Memphis, Tennessee. We played a gallery and we all got really drunk before hand….it was a terrible gig.

Who are your favourite new bands at the moment?


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