Sound Of Seoul: Mogwaa Picks Seven Essential Producers

South Korea is the place to be...

Clubbing is an international environment. A tune can be uploaded in London, remixed in Cairo, and played out in Tokyo all within the space of a weekend, with the internet uniting dancefloors as never before. While the information-overload culture we live has its drawbacks, it’s certainly useful for platforming voices that sit outside the norm. Take Seoul – even at the turn of the Millennium few artists from South Korea made their mark internationally, but now it’s revered as a creative hub.

In terms of club culture, Seoul is one of East Asia’s powerhouses, with a new generation putting the city on the map. Mogwaa calls Seoul home, and with a string of emphatic releases he’s been able to leave his mark on the broader landscape.

Making several European runs last year he performed at Warehouse Project and Pleasure Gardens, making UK connections along the way. Playing a landmark Boiler Room in Seoul, he steams into 2023 with his much-tipped ‘Drifted’ EP.

Out now on Peggy Gou’s Gudu label, it’s serious dancefloor heat that comes at club tropes from unexpected angles. In celebration of its release, Mogwaa picked out seven fantastic producers from Seoul – “not only good producers, but great DJs, and live performers… you should check it when you have the chance!”

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Go Dam – ‘Dawn By The Fire’

Such a nice electro track with unique moody vibe. Precisely sequenced lead line is just enough to heat up the floor. Released like six years ago but it still hits hard. With all this transitions and sequence, you can pretty much notice how delicate the producer is.

Seo John – ‘miQro’

With delicate arrangement, miQro slightly drives floor buring. Repetitive bassline keeps the feet rolling and Seo John layers arpeggios, pads and lead upon that bassline. They just sneaks into your ears. I like to play it bit faster that original tempo which can give bit more of tension to the dancers on the floor.

Yetsuby – ‘Chromatic Dormammu’

Just like the title, this chromatic sequence keep rolls and rolls. But it doesn’t mean this is boring, it just drives you mad.

No one would imagine Yetsuby’s from ambient duo, Salamanda. But if you’re in Seoul and you know how Yetsuby DJs, it all makes sense.

Two Tone Shape – ‘Persistence Of X’

I really love the snare sound of this track. It’s not huge or loud but it constructs the vibe of whole track.

The pad floating all over and scattering hi-hats makes me in the zone but still grooving. So weird that this is quantized straight rhythms but feel so groovy.

Closet Yi – ‘DRM’

This one is definitely a burner and definitely works at middle of the set. The drums are stimulating and crispy with breaks coming in and out. The lead Arp sequence running through whole track glues every elements together and that pad… that pad just completes the track.

S.O.N.S – ‘Snow White and The Seven Mushrooms’

The title pretty much explains the whole track. The laser-zap feeling synth is so tempting that you can listen to it all day. And it can’t go wrong if there’s organ sounds. With basic elements, S.O.N.S drives everything so well.

Pyramid Of Knowledge – ‘A New Hope’

Really crispy electro track this one is. Simple but it’s so mesmerising when you listen through whole track and feel how every little elements keep changes across time.

This is another track makes you in the zone when you start playing it.

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