Get to know Xenomania’s prototype for 21st century girl bands...

“The word 'girl band' is we definitely something want to break. We have the power to mould a new image of what it means to be a girl band,” say UK four-piece UNPERFECT as they set out redefine pop with their unique sound and attitudes.

Laughter and conversations echo through the room as Chloe, Siobhan, Soipan and Tiah - who make up Xenomania’s prototype for 21st century girl bands – share inside jokes, stories and what appears to be a strong friendship that extends beyond music. They make music that reflects their collective uplifting personality and following the impressive debut EP ‘Yeah, Why Not’ earlier this year, the quartet continue their climb with latest single 'I’m A Dreamer'.

The single made in collaboration with Robinson’s Fruit Shoot campaign is a feel-good anthem that prompts everyone to follow their dreams. Speaking about the message behind their single and their involvement in the campaign, the group say: “The Fruit Shoot for the Moon campaign really resonated with all of us and our lives. The campaign is about kid’s achieving their dreams and putting their insecurities aside.”

“It’s about not being afraid to dream big and go for it. We are growing as a group and we want to achieve our dreams so the single ‘I’m A Dreamer’ is not only relatable to us but also goes well with the campaign.”

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Delving deeper into their own childhood dreams they explain that what they are doing right now - making music that spreads happiness - is exactly what they dreamed of. They explain: “We stuck to our dreams and got it! So through the campaign we want kids to widen their horizons and dream as big as they want. We want them to feel like they can be whatever they want to be.”

But achieving your dreams is not easy. The band emphasise the need to grow a thick skin against unwarranted criticism. “You’ll never please everyone,” they muse, “so there’s no point in over-thinking about these things, it’s impossible for everyone to like you.”

Still on the topic of advice, they recall pieces of advice that pushed them to persist on their path to musical success. “Be unapologetic,” they insist. “Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else to gain something because that won’t lead to happiness.”

This message of being unapologetically yourself undeniably seeps through into their music. Talking about the evolution of their sound, they explain: “Our sound is a product of our surroundings. We take the lessons we learn on a daily basis and we apply them to our music. So we evolve as we learn.”

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It is probably their genuine love for learning and developing their music that’s gotten them the attention of many big names from Elton John to Annie Mac. And while they are overwhelmed by the surrealistic love from well-known figures what excites them most is reception from their fans.

UNPERFECT explain: “When we make music it’s usually in this bubble of ‘this is ours’, but it’s when we release into the world we realise how much traction it can create. The way our songs are received is the most exciting part of making it. Our music is quite different to what’s out there and to get peoples’ opinions, whether good or bad is really good.”

It’s therefore surprise that their plans for the future - aside from new singles, an EP and a Christmas song - include live shows to see their fans. They say: “We want to see what our fans actually look like beyond knowing them as a number.”

As we move on from future plans to fond memories, they recall their music video shoot in LA, commenting: “Aside from when the time our first song came out, our most memorable moments were the first two days in LA. We’d never lived together, nor had we done music videos before that, so it was great.”

“We’ve been told remember exactly how you felt during your peak and just keep doing it everyday,” they say as they push on to achieve their dreams while encouraging others to do the same.

With these words and more, UNPERFECT make it clear that they are a formidable foursome with an abundance of talent. But beyond everything else they are four friends who, in their own words, share a relationship that’s all about “making jokes and eating a lot”. Perhaps by keeping things this simple - and by working to learn from each other and better each other - something truly great is about to happen.

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'I'm A Dreamer' is out now.

Words: Malvika Padin // @Malvika_Padin26

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