"When I write it releases me..."

Manchester’s Pale Waves are in London, rehearsing for their debut album tour. It’s a week before the release of ‘My Mind Makes Noises’, and their trajectory up to this point has been a whirlwind of worldwide success.

Despite the forthcoming release, when we catch up with lead singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie, she’s already thinking about the prospect of new music - perhaps an EP - to follow. “We’ve got some new songs on the go that I’m really excited about,” she enthuses. “They’re kind of really different to the album, they’re still pop songs but sort of really different, a bit like pop punk.”

‘My Mind Makes Noises’ is armed with tracks that encourage euphoric rushes of blood to the head, transporting you straight to the centre of a John Hughes movie. The band’s anthemic sound is harnessed by the use of a Strymon BigSky reverb pedal alongside synths programmed by drummer Ciara Doran to nail the elevating ’80s choruses now synonymous with the quartet.

“Recently it’s been quite difficult for me and Ciara to sit down and carry on writing because our schedule is just insane,” Heather admits. “But I feel like when I don’t write about things I start to get a lot angrier in person and a lot more stressed. I feel like my feelings are a lot more on show, so when I write it releases me and it puts me in a positive mood.”

Honing a solid band dynamic, they’re joined on guitar and bass by Hugo Silvani and Charlie Wood. Tasked to sum each member up in one word, Heather chooses: “‘creative’ for Ciara, Charlie would be ‘relaxed’ and Hugo, ‘caring’.”

When asked about how she envisions the evolution of Pale Waves, there isn’t an immediate answer that springs to mind. “We want to be better musicians and better performers but I don’t know, I feel like we just need time.”

It’s impossible to tell where exactly the band will be in five or 10 years’ time, but one thing seems certain: they’re going to keep rocketing skywards, one sparkling pop banger at a time.

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Pale Waves debut album 'My Mind Makes Noises' is out now.

Words: Shannon Cotton
Photography: Vic Lentaigne

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