Snoop Dogg Interview: Grime, Festivals, New Projects

Adidas clad hip hop legend

From the get go, Snoop Dogg’s image has excited controversy. A fuming Eazy-E, in his N.W.A “closure” album from Dre, It’s On () 187um Killa, spat the following about Dre’s relationship with Snoop: “Found a pup and now your dapper, but tell me where the / fuck you found an anorexic rapper / talkin ’bout who you go squabble with and who you shoot / you’re only 60 pounds when your wet and wearin boots.”

Now no one in his right mind would dare to bring that level of drama to Snoop, such is his galactic stature; this summer stole the show at Glaston-berry [as he likes to pronounce it] and this week, looking every pound as meagre as Eazy fondly remembered him, lanky frame ensconced in a silky Adidas tracksuit, with unpredictably large feet, Snoop D.O.Double- Gizzle met Clash for a run down on what’s up:

Will you be appearing on Coronation Street as rumours suggest?
Some big people in some big places are trying to make that happen, so tell your mom that it might…it might just happen

Are you going to appear on any other UK shows?
My favourite show don’t come on no more – The Benny Hill Show. I always dreamed of going on that show

Can you fill us in exclusively as to any projects?
I’m working on a new movie and a record called A Woman’s Touch. Its gonna be a very heart-felt movie and an album dedicated to all the women in my life – my grandmother, my mother, my wife, and my daughter. It’s gonna be a very special, soft-toned record Snoop Dogg like you’ve never hear before.

Are you watching the grime scene much?
I like Wiley – he’s dope. I got a remix I did with Tinie Tempah; I’m gradually moving my way onto the scene here because I feel that music here is very well respected and it deserves to have that world wide attention.

Are you going crunk now or do you run with g-funk at heart?
I’ve always been a fan of music, no matter if the music is brand new or old school I’ve always had love for it, so I’ve been able to take what is considered new and blend it in with the old; I just have a natural love for music no matter what country or what state How does You Stream and Twitter affect the way artists communicate with their fans? It’s a great way to get up close and personal with your fans; it gives them a chance to be with you on stage, where it’s not about script it’s about you being you; it also gives you the chance to see what the fans love about you, you know what I mean to have someone tell you what it is they love about you, it’s a personal relationship, a one on one.

Who’s the next Snoop gonna be?
It’s hard to walk in these shoes, know what I’m saying?…I always tell aspiring artists to be the best you can be ‘cos you never know what it’s gon’ be. I never knew I was gonna be as successful as I was but people loved what I did so much, and I did what I did because I loved it so much. It’s all about having a little bit of luck…and being able to capitalize.

Do you like playing festivals?
I love being in front of the people who love me. I played Glastonbury and it was 90,000, 50,000 whatever – I never pay attention to how many people – I’m all about the expression and the feeling that the people give me. If there’s five people and they got a lot of energy, then those five people can bring a batter show out of you than 90,000 because sometimes all those people don’t have the energy of a smaller crowd.

How do you prepare before a concert?
I listen to some real real good old school music and drink some tea to get my voice right. Some herbal tea.

What’s the thinking behind Malice in Wonderland?
Malice in Wonderland is about my growth as an artist and where I’m at right now, and me wanting to work with certain artists that…I felt could assist me on a song I was working on. When you get so far into the music industry as I am it’s about making the right decisions…and it’s about finding some people who I wanted to work with and never had the opportunity to work with, and I never have a problem calling or asking, if I love you or appreciate your music, I’ll tell you and maybe be we can go into the studio and we can do a song together because I’m a fan of yours. And hopefully you’ll say yeah and if you say no I take it the same way.

Do you have any tips for relationships?
You gotta be friends with whoever your soul mate is or your opposite is, you gotta be friends because you gotta understand them like they understand you. That’s what keeps anything together. Look at how many friends you got since you were seven eight years old. It’s because you managed to stay friends…nothing more nothing less. You gotta take the same mentality to a relationship. It’s more about being friends than it’s about ‘trying to please my man’ – more about me trying to understand my man. So if my man’s in the living room playing video games with his homeys, then I don’t come in real loud, I sit back, wait til the game over, offer them some drinks and be a lady, understand. That keeps the relationship together when a woman acts like a lady.

Can you some up your life in a motto?
I go hard. That’s my motto, i don’t know how to go half speed, I go full speed – even if it’s a scrimmage, or it’s a practice, i treat it like there’s a thousand people in the crowd. If I’m rehearsing on my own you wouldn’t be able to tell if there’s no crowd ‘cause I go hard. That’s what I do.

Words by Miguel Cullen

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