Smack Talk: P Money And Big H On Clashing

Grime MCs to go head to head at Lord Of The Mics VI…

This weekend, May 18th, sees Lord Of The Mics VI go off at an as-yet-undisclosed location. The show is to be filmed before a select group of attendees, and one of the headline events is the face-off between P Money and Big H. Now, there’s some history here: the London pair took to Twitter earlier this year to exchange a little, well, let’s call it heated banter, after Big H failed to show up to a contracts-signing session locking the pair into battle. (SB.TV link)

But now the head-to-head is definitely happening, so ahead of Sunday’s sure-to-be-face-melting clash, we fired both P Money and Big H a bunch of questions to see where their heads were at. Who’s the Lord Of The Mic, and who’s the lamest of the meek? Or, something like that…

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P Money, ‘Mad’

Big H, Fire In The Booth session for BBC Radio 1

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So, what is the history behind this clash, exactly? As it seems a bit, complicated

Big H: They wanted me on LOTM, I don’t care who I clash. They were finding me an opponent, and they found P Money under a rock. At first I thought he wasn’t on my level, but then they showed me the money, haha.

P Money (pictured above): He put out a statement saying he’s the best, and that nobody wants to clash him, and someone tweeted him saying: “What about P Money?” He said he’d clash, so I tweeted Jammer (LOTM organiser) like, “Bam, let’s do this.” I don’t think he wanted to clash, I just saw that statement, that’s how it actually happened.

What are you hoping to achieve from clashing at LOTM VI?

Big H: I’m not trying to achieve nothing, I’m just giving the people the service they paid for – and that is the burial of P Money. I’m a hard MC, I bury MCs on the daily, so he won’t be the first guy to be the victim of such hard bars coming from H. I’m sure there’s probably victim support for people who’ve been buried by H.

P Money: I’m not doing this for myself; the only thing I want to achieve is to prove that he talks rubbish, that’s all he does, talks rubbish. To be honest I just want the whole scene to be involved – it’s entertainment for the whole scene, it’s exciting. When’s the last time anyone generated this amount of hype for the scene?

What do you think of your opponent? Is there any mutual respect between you?

Big H: I don’t know him. I don’t know his bars, and I don’t think anyone does to tell the truth. People say he’s popular but he’s not popular. He’s been on popular dubstep instrumentals, and that’s why he’s known. After the clash I can give you a rating, he might get half a star. I don’t think he’s going to get five stars.

P Money: I don’t know him, so we’re not friends or anything. Anything I have to say about him will happen on the day.

Who do you think is the bigger MC? Be honest!

Big H: If you look at the statistics I’ve been higher than him in the charts, I’ve sold more records than him, I’ve achieved more than this guy. Check where he’s been in the charts, I don’t even think they count that low. Rihanna likes my bars, Rihanna said she likes my bit of (Meridian Dan’s) ‘German Whip’, certain man have to know that.

P Money: I’d say me, to be honest. I don’t know what he’s doing in his career but I know what I’m doing and I feel like I’m the bigger MC.

So this is a serious clash, then? This rivalry you have isn’t just for show?

Big H: I’ve never known him. I don’t want to be his friend. I don’t like the look of him to be honest – I don’t like his face, he looks a bit spooked out. Whenever I’m involved it’s serious. He’s probably going to come into this clash and try and be a comedian, but I make serious music for serious people. He should quit now and run away, that would be the best thing he could ever do.

P Money: Nah, it’s not a joke, we’re not friends at all, either one of us could take something personally, because we don’t know each other.

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Smack Talk: P Money And Big H On Clashing

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Do you have any surprises in store for the clash?

Big H (pictured above): I don’t know if I’ve got any surprises because everyone knows I’m going to bury him. I’ve got things to say to him that I feel he needs to hear. He needs to be told about himself, things that I don’t think anyone’s ever told him.

P Money: It’s gonna be fun, that’s all I can say. You’re either going to have to be there or watch the DVD to understand it.

Do you think this is the biggest clash in history?

Big H: This is the biggest clash that has ever happened in the world. I’ve never heard of a clash like this in my whole life. If somebody can show me a bigger clash then I’ll give them a million out my own pocket

P Money: I don’t know if it’s the biggest in history – Wiley and Kano is legendary, and so is Skepta and Devilman. But since then, definitely. For me, we can only decide whether it’s the biggest clash in history when we see what happens afterwards.

I’ve heard the dub – is that representative of what you’re going to bring on the day?

Big H: The dub shows what style of MC we are. The bars you’re going to hear on the day, you’re going to say, “Whoa, nobody could write these bars except for the Grime Lord himself.”

P Money: It was just a warm-up. Don’t listen to that and think that’s what it’s going to be like. There’s going to be all sorts of different punches, jabs, flows and approaches. There’s so much stuff to say about this guy, you’ve just got to be there, man.

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Words: Paul Gibbins

Lord Of The Mics VI takes place on Sunday, May 18th. More information right here

Online: Big H / P Money

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