SLO Reviews The Singles

Jess Mills is in the hot seat...

SLO is the latest iteration of Jess Mills' ineffable creativity.

A songwriter with real flair, Jess recently took a step back, re-evaluating the type of music she wanted to make and how she wanted to make it.

SLO allows her free rein, with this imaginative approach resulting in some of the most intriguing music of her career.

New EP 'Atone' finds SLO mixing it up, with Jess Mills' silken-smooth vocals set against some sparkling production.

An incisive pop commentator, Clash placed SLO in the hot seat for our weekly singles round up.

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Empire Of The Sun – 'Two Vines'

Empire Of The Sun’s music is instantly recognisable – they have a consistent and real distinctiveness to their sound. 'Two Vines' is not as infectious as some of their previous singles – but it's definitely a grower! I particularly like the breakdown in the middle section.

Green Day – 'Bang Bang'

It sounds like it can be a big single for them – musically Green Day sit on a different plant from mine, but their fans will love it.

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Jack Garratt – 'Far Cry'

I love what Jack does. His productions are relentless in the pursuit of new ideas and at a time when a lot of music has become so derivative – his feels fresh and full of imagination. I particularly love the latter part of this track. You can tell he makes music for himself and not just to please the crowds, even though as a result he has definitely ended up doing that massively, too!

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Tinashe – 'Superlove'

For me, the production is the best part of this trac – the song is not so special, though. The best parts of the production remind me of 'Shorty Swing My Way' by KP & Envyi, which can never be a bad thing.

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Bastille – 'Send Them Off'

I’ve listened to this song a few times, but have struggled to find something really memorable in it. Whether Bastille are your cup of tea or not, their writing can definitely be ear-catching. For me, though, this song doesn’t have as much character.

– – –

Dua Lipa – 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)'

I first heard Dua Lipa a year or two ago. An old friend of mine co-wrote 'Hotter Than Hell' with her, he played the demo to me in cafe off his iPhone just as an a capella. We both knew then it was going to be a big song for them both, and I’m so happy it was. She’s a proper pop star – one of the brightest coming out of the UK at the moment. She laid a brilliant foundation for herself with her first few singles and I think this one will keep her star burning on bright.

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'Atone' EP is out now.

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