Skins Live Tour

Tour Dates and Acts

Cast your mind back to 2007, and you may be able to recollect a sizzling, sensational teenage drama hell bent on shoving every sexual, musical and fashionable adolesco-step in your face, and in everyone’s faces, across the U.K.

With an unabashed concoction of three base materials – sex, drugs and alcohol – Skins aided the revitalisation of concepts of youth culture, and disturbingly, seemed to pinpoint what the kids want. And seemingly, still want. (‘More Tony bashed by a bus’ you scream, ‘we want Cassie pill popping and paranoid’ you screech, ‘forever Michelle beautiful and… damned’ you caterwaul). But being a teenager’s never a walk in the park.

So, as all this flashes back in an instant and you lovingly remember the first time the opening credits rolled, you should know that the second annual Skins Live Tour kicks off on April 3rd – April 26th all over Britain. The festivities will include shed loads of live music, DJs, flashing lasers, light shows, street magicians, competitions, probably dancing apes, and there’ll be girl and boy scouts scouring the partay for new Series 3 cast members. The whole thing will be filmed, so make sure you don your Sunday best or your birthday suit as you never know, you may find yourself on television. Get on your dancing shoes, dance the blues and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.

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The Skins tour featuring acts such as Crystal Castles, Teenagers, We Smoke Fags, Men in Masks, The Freelance Hellraiser as Tour DJ, Herve, David E Sugar, Ladyhawke and Cassette Jam takes in the following towns :

10 Apr – Manchester

12 Apr – Cardiff

18 Apr – Nottingham

24 Apr – Norwich

25 Apr – Liverpool

26 Apr – London

2 May – Glasgow

8 May – Newcastle

15 May – Birmingham

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