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Acerbic, downbeat, utterly honest...

Malcolm Middleton doesn't hold back. Preparing to head back out on the road with his full band project Human Don't Be Angry, ClashMusic tracked down the Scottish songwriter and asked him to take control of our singles column. Those of a nervous disposition might want to look away now - dear ol' Malc drops a few heavy truth bombs...

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*DISCLAIMER* Apologies, the following words are a direct result of my conditioning. Before I begin I should probably make it clear that I'm currently at a time in my life where my music taste is going backwards and I'm not really appreciative of new music. Extreme cynicism alert...

Aluna George - Your Drums, Your Love

Nice opening melody, girl sounds a bit like her from Morcheeba, nice voice. Lyrics are a bit crap though. Am I supposed to review the video too? Over-priced major label pish, I mean, it's not even entertaining or interesting to watch. Waste of cash. Trying to calm down.... chorus comes in again.... not so bad, but a bit beige. Is this really a stand-out album track that was designated as a single? Ok, again, it's not terrible or anything, and compared to silence it's something. But I prefer silence.


Jake Bugg - Two Fingers

I was wondering "who the hell is this?" when I realised I'd heard him on the D****t O'****y show on Saturday. I gagged my head back and turned the radio off. (N.b. via the same programme at the weekend I discovered Susanne Sundfør, so things aren't all that bad). Anyway. Behind the annoying voice and the not-even-to-be-mentioned-lyrics-that-no-doubt-some-bloated-team-of-execs-behind-Jake-are-tittering-at-because-they-are-street there is a catchy wee pop tune that kids reared on Dappy will probably love for being new and inventive. Am I being too harsh? Well. The guy actually seems alright, I'm sure if I met him I'd like him. My main gripe is that he could've been cool and credible but instead it looks like he's been all cleaned up with X-Factor paint. And the video is a bit like an X-Factor backstory. Hold on, I'll listen all the way through first... Is the video compiled from an old Brookside? Are those kids telling other kids that smoking drugs is cool? Nah, I don't like this, even if the chorus is going to be in my head all day. Good luck to him though, I'd be interested to hear what he sounds like in a few years time.

Everything Everything - Cough Cough

I like this as it starts. Singer sounds a bit like Kermit (The Frog, not Black Grape). Chorus is enjoyable. I'm glad I'm not in this band though, I'd never remember my parts or what was happening next in the song, it's very OCD. I wonder what this song is about? I have no idea. Sweaty guys drumming and riot footage, guys being force fed? I dunno. Good song, might make me want to hear what the rest of their stuff sounds like.

The Invisible - Generational

Interesting start, i.e. it doesn't sound shite. Kick drum over random guitars which I then realise is an actual riff. Liking it. Descending and optimistically moody. Turning it up. Great drums. Not keen on one of the floppy tinfoil snares though, that's kind of ruining it a bit for me. But that's the only thing I don't like about it. All the guitars seem to have disappeared under the drums. Getting a bit frenetic. Ok, they're back now, good. I like this.

Nas w/ Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine


Nina Nesbitt - Boy

Woah. Good start, nice voice, it's all a bit KT Tunstal-y. Hopping and skipping around my ears. Maybe a bit over-produced, sounds like there's a good song underneath. Interesting lyrics keep poking through. Again, another bad video, this is a dead medium. A catchy song though, I'd turn the radio up if I was doing the dishes. Overall then, I wouldn't be disappointed if my kids listened to this. I just wouldn't think they were very cool.

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Human Don't Be Angry tour dates:


24 Leeds Brudenell Social Club

25 Paisley The Spiegeltent

26 Aberdeen The Tunnels

27 Perth Twa Tams

28 St. Andrews Student Union


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