With I Am Kloot, Polica, Splashh, Disclosure, The Civil Wars, Dinosaur Jr

In an effect to shake things up (for myself), this week's singles review will be conducted by simply watching the videos. Seems simple enough but i haven't heard any of the below previously or read the press releases so I'm going in blind. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I'm back. I've watched them all and in the interests of routine I have a Single of the Week for you... it's I Am Kloot. A great song and a video that genuinely had me glued to the screen (Except for that bit when I missed some of it when I was typing).

The Civil Wars - Poison and Wine

Okay, so returning home from a funeral? You think he'd have had a shave. All is not well (and not just because of the dead relative situation), why other would you perform a duet from different rooms? Will they end up the the same rooms/each other's arms by the song's end?

I can't stand the tension I'm jumping the video forward....

It's only loaded up to 2:51 so that's the limit fo my time travel but it's looking good...

ARRGH the teases!

Dinosaur Jr - Pierce The Morning Rain

My novel idea falls down already as there's no video for this one, still that cover art is all kinds of weird.

What's with the hand with a bird perched on over on the right?

And those faces, that's some serious puffy eyes going on. They might have an allergy to the soap they're using.

Disclosure - Latch

Okay, i've got love triangle... sexual tension... HELLO it's getting explicit.

Now there's a lesbian angle, I wasn't expecting this.

Are those meant to be sparks or a leak in the overhead ducting?

What's with those Exorcist face flashes?

I think i just saw a nipple.

No guys kissing?

I Am Kloot - Hold Back The Night

The running man, is he trying to reach the pub before last orders? He must have a thirst on 'cause it doesn't look like the kind of place i'd run to be in.

A confession: I've missed some of the story when I was typing the above and now there's a body on the ground and a car. Did it run him over?

Ah he's the running man, he's after brandy to steady his nerves I'd wager.

See that's good advice there, always walk TOWARDS traffic if you're on the grass verge so they can see you. Especially at night... if you've just knocked someone down and need a drink.

Annnd my made-up narrative is undone! I really should've watch it through without typing at the same time.

Still, at least someone got a drink by the end.

Polica - Lay Your Cards Out

Right back from the toilet, what'd I miss?

Looks like a good old fashioned pop video. Black and white, yearing individuals, some trippy effects, slow motion. Yeah all good.

Kind of reminds me of 'Every Breath You Take'.

Letting the song do the work yeah? It's a good un right enough.

It's getting a bit 'dizzying', think it's that frantic drummer. I'll have what's he on.

Splashh - Vacation

Ah it's the noise rock/tennis crossover. Do they know Wimbledon's passed? They should got an election theme going if they wanted to be current.

Looks like they're trying to capture a summer school holiday activities vibe. Ambitious but commendable. Ah the swimming pool!

Growing up in Scotland the only pool I saw in summer was the local baths and that memory doesn't sum up halcyon sun kissed days. More a drizzle dampened ambush in the walkway to the leisure centre then spending all your money of sweets from the vending machines ('cause you've been exercising yeah?).


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