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Factory Floor

A guitar is a machine to make noise with.

Some people may use that machine to make polite noises - that's their decision. Some people may decry the guitar's ability to continue making progressive, forward thinking noises. That is also their decision.

Our decision? Live and let live, rock and let rock - no matter what instrument you use.

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Single Of The Week

Factory Floor - Fall Back

An easy statement to make, but Factory Floor are probably our favourite live act right now. Want another easy statement? 'Fall Back' is probably 2013's first truly important record.

Sure, the trio have a healthy record collection - there are hints of Krautrock, Detroit techno, IDM and straight forward RAWK in this eight minute opus - but unlike some peers, 'Fall Back' isn't some holier-than-thou routine. Rather, Factory Floor seem to dwell in the possibilities suggested by those genres, existing in the slipstream between potential and actuality, tracing their own route based on inspiration rather than fabrication. 'Fall Back' is another astonishing blast from a group who know how to scorch and soothe our ear drums.

...and the rest.

Teleman - Cristina
Although no doubt labelled as 'indie pop' by some, Teleman are in reality a much more eccentric, probing proposition. The lilting melody of 'Cristina' has that achingly surreal vision of England which emerged from Syd Barrett's cracked psyche, sharing a similar whimsical feel to the Pink Floyd legend. Catchy without being obvious, simple without ignoring those more complex emotion 'Cristina' is an effortlessly beautiful debut single.

Villagers - Nothing Arrived
After the surprising success of their debut album, you could almost forgive Villagers for resting on their laurels. Thankfully, the Irish group - centred on Conor O'Brien - are showing no signs of sitting back. 'Nothing Arrived' picks up effortlessly where the debut album left off - calm, assured songwriting, which has a crisp, emotive edge. A taster from parent album 'Awayland' it seems that Villagers have reached that quietly confident stage where it is enough to simply be themselves.

I Am Kloot - These Days Are Mine
You might change but I Am Kloot do not. A decade on from their debut album, the Manchester band are showing no signs of deviating from the path which made them a success - yet when that results in tracks with the sheen of 'These Days Are Mine' it's difficult to begrudge them their decision. Tightly wrought psych with an epic edge, it's a downbeat, modest affair - Spiritualized for those who'd rather have a cup of tea than a tab of acid.

PEACE - Wraith
Guitars are back! Or not. Did they really go away? Was there a ban on guitar music Clash weren't informed about? Anyhoo: PEACE. The latest saviours of a genre which never quite went away, the Birmingham group have enough charisma to storm straight to the front of the queue to stardom. 'Wraith' will make more sense in festival season when it is accompanied by flying pints of lager, but for now all we can do is punch the air.

The Heartbreaks - Hand On Heart
As if more evidence were needed that guitar music - as a form, as a genre - has never gone away… The Heartbreaks have built a loyal following through sheer hard graft, taking their swooning, epic take on literate Smiths style indie across the country countless times over. 'Hand On Heart' will no doubt delight their fans and infuriate the purists but then, isn't that exactly what new bands should do?


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