Dog Is Dead are in the hot seat...
Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead are no strangers to the humble pop song.

The Nottingham troupe peppered debut LP 'All Our Favourite Stories' with plenty of sugar sweet, three minutes gems - throwing in the odd saxophone solo to boot. Obviously learning that (in terms of pop music) grabbing your attention is all important, Dog Is Dead have more hooks than a fisherman's convention.

Invited to cast their eye over this week's singles, the band stepped up to the plate to deliver their verdict on new releases from the likes of Tyler, The Creator, HAIM and... Dog Is Dead.

Frontman Rob Milton is the man with the wicked wit...

- - -

Angel - The World
A few nice melodies but this made a bit of an average listen. It doesn't ever quite get where you want it to get to be full 'club banger' but then again I don't go to clubs!

Justin Bieber - All Around The World
Justin Bieber is getting pretty old now so maybe soon he'll put a suit on and do cruise ship style 'Fly Me To The Moon' singing. Until then there's plenty more of this auto-tuned kids party fun.

Andy Burrows - If I Had A Heart
I've heard Andy Burrows is supposed to be the nicest man in music and you kinda get that from the song too. It's a nice listen but a little wet at times. Nice chord progressions, nice strings. Everything nice. Nice.

HAIM - Falling 
I really do like Haim, I think they're incredibly talented, especially live. I think this is another great addition to their arsenal. Love the Tango In The Night kind of rhythms too.

Tom Odell - Hold Me
I've known Tom for a few years now and think he is an amazing song writer. It was pretty awesome to see him win a Brit Award and songs like show why he's worthy of all the attention. Shambolic piano plus slightly odd vocal equals amazing pop.

Tyler, The Creator - Dome 32
And the award for the worst and most lazy attempt to try and prove you're not homophobic goes to…

and finally...

Dog Is Dead - Do The Right Thing
Not really for me to say but I like the song a lot. It was written fairly recently and I think it has the mother of all basslines. They are all dead fit too.


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