Featuring Yuck, Jessica 6 and more...

Well, Record Store Day is gone for another year.

Having saved up our pennies for the past 12 months the ClashMusic team left independent shops across the country clutching a (literal) ton of new vinyl. Of course, some of it will just linger on the shelves but when our grandchildren ask us what we did during the great digital wars we can say...

We ran a website?

Damn. We've clearly not thought this through...

Here's the singles!

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Single Of The Week

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm So Sorry / I'm Going Back
Rock is dead, apparently. However the obituaries written for guitar music after a flurry of depressing sales figures won’t be affecting Kitty, Daisy & Lewis any time soon. The sibling trio take their cue from the 40s, 50s and 60s adding a unique sense of discipline. However this isn’t just a novelty show – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis have a real emotional touch that transcends any retro feeling. A double A-side single ‘I’m So Sorry’ / ‘I’m Going Back’ matches a ska romp with a gutsy gospel stomper. It’s good to have them back.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm So Sorry

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And the rest...

Yuck – Get Away
Let’s get this out the way first: Yuck are not a grunge act. Sure, the band have probably heard a Mudhoney record in their time but the London group’s actually-pretty-good debut album had a lot more going on than a mere Xerox of 1991. ‘Get Away’ has plenty of fuzzed up guitars, for sure, but what impresses more is the sense of self-discovery rippling through the track.

Rowdy Superst*r – Get Your Shizzit Riiight
2011 has been marked by a flurry of fantastic new releases from the British hip-hop scene. Totally outspoken, outrageous and over the top Rowdy Superst*r hopes to join them. With Matthew Herbert on production the rapper is never going to go far wrong, but ‘Get Your Shizzit Riiight’ is sure to split opinion. Going from genius to insanity in the space of a few seconds, the track will keep people guessing until the long player comes out this summer.

ROWDY SUPERSTAR - GET UR SHIZZIT RIIIIIGHT (Behind the scenes) from Rowdy Superstar on Vimeo.

Jessica 6 – White Horse
Summer’s here! The first rays of sun have appeared outside Clash Scotland, sparking a flurry of Hawaiian shirts, cargo pants and sandals. Thank heavens Jessica 6 are rather more fashionable, with their disco styling a socially acceptable way of channelling the sunshine. The New York trio have a definite pop touch, but that doesn’t discredit some fantastic production. Sandal-tapping fun.

Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Golden Age EP
Rather lost in a flood of great new releases, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour released their debut album back in 2009. Since then, stand out track ‘Golden Age’ has been given a new lease of life after featuring on Stateside telly. Re-issued with remixes and some sparkling new material, this works both as an introduction to new fans and a stop gap for those lucky enough to stumble across them in the first place.

The Tamborines – Black & Blue
For a decade shoegaze stood as a reviled, music press generated genre. Now, you can’t get moving for the stuff! Bowl haired youths wander the nations streets clutching Fender Jaguars and MidiReverb pedals. The Tamborines make a wonderful Kevin Shields inspired racket, with the heavenly vocals suitably blurred in the mix. However it remains to be seen if The Tamborines can push their way through the crowd.

Spokes – 3, 4, 5
Spokes are an odd choice for Ninja Tune. Even amongst the label’s eclectic roster, the band are marked by their lush orchestration and preference for organic – rather than programmed – sound. ‘3, 4, 5’ is a wonderfully lush piece of songwriting, with the added remixes taking the band into some startlingly different directions. Label-mate Grasscut adds some melancholic electronics, Capac move in more Burial inclined territories. Intriguing fare.

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