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Magnetic Man

It’s normally the custom to preamble our Single selections with a few jauntily humorous asides. As it is, this week there’s been much gig going, hobnobbing with the stars and reviews being written so as it’s already Wednesday and I'm gagging for my lunch, we’re just jumping straight in to the bracing waters, overview or overture be damned…

Single Of The Week

Grinny Grandad - The Good Girl (DJ Askillz remix)

Ignoring the unforgivably shit name (which is hard, granted) this bunch had their first break as winners of ‘BBC Radio 1’s Introducing’ competition back in 2008 but illness had sadly laid them low. So, it’s great to see them return to the fray in rude health with this seriously sassy proposition. A deliriously upbeat funked up affair featuring Sesame Street flutes over ballsy brass, emphatic organ and a killer hook…damn near impossible not to perform enthusiastic Carlton/Fresh Prince dance moves (or at the very least head rolls) whilst listening to it. An infectious mash up of samples that is resolutely retro yet most definitely modern. Throw in an endearing video with chubby boys attempting to breakdance; a wee cracker.

Magnetic Man- I Need Air

Skream, Benga & Artwork…yes, we were expecting a deadly dubstep monster also. But the kings of the scene have confounded expectations with this new single. Eschewing the heavier elements of the genre to great trancey pop effect, this will be a massive hit in the clubs and appeal to the Skins generation in a big way. So what is it then? Dupstep-lite? Popstep? Who gives a monkey’s, it’s a grower. Were I in cynical mood I’d pah pah it in favour of the harder stuff. However, I’m hungover and delicacy forbids too much in the way of caustic wit. So, all that given, not bad at all…

Shmoo – Waves

The Moog fiddling Manchester brothers are full of beans on this latest release. Think Klaxons, think Air, think analogue in a big way. Retro synths, sci fi noises and big banging drums played on a Heath Robinson hybrid electronic/acoustic drum kit; nice. It may not be breaking too many boundaries but will have pretty wide appeal across the indie-dance spectrum. However, the brucie bonus for me is the ‘Clash Of The Titans’ budget video featuring a big fuck off robot made from drum bits called the ‘she-machine’. So, frankly, I’m already sold!

Haight Ashbury – Freeman Town

Haight Ashbury sound exactly as their name would suggest i.e. a bunch of jangly psychedelic longhairs in headbands and turquoise jewellery (each to their own) very much channelling the spirit of 1969. Blissed out west coast harmonies build over a primal percussive beat & enchantingly spongy tambourines. Except they’re not from California, they’re from Glasgow, which makes them guilty of one of my personal bugbears (that many Scots performers have been guilty of before and will be hence), which is to sing in faux American accents. Such affectation is never, ever required. It’s kind of insubstantial and overlong yet strangely uplifting and not at all unpleasant.

AM - Self Preservation

Another good vid featuring the nice shoes, groomed tash and nonchalant vocals of psychedelic Tulsan gent (by way of N’Orleans & San Fransisco) AM. Infused with the spirit of both Brian Wilson and Beck, it wears its classic influences perhaps not on it’s sleeve but rather on a natty hankerchief just poking out a pocket. Reminiscent of a louche Pop Levi in a retro hand clappy, bristling backbeat kinda way, the single was recorded in the apartment of revered songsmith Elliot. We’re quite sure you’ll all be hearing more from this guy.

Dino Pile Up – Birds & Planes

Oh the wasted energy…from the ashes of disbanded Leeds rockers Mother Vulpine were spawned Pulled Apart By Horses and Dinosaur Pile-Up, respectively. One uber shouty in a jocular if spiky way…the other an unfortunate Foo Fighters tribute act on a curfew. It’s one thing to be inspired by the Grohl, he certainly has the formula for successful popular rock; speedy drums, hard but tinny bass, big choruses. But it’s another to emulate him completely. The result sounds like they should be the backing band for Avril Lavigne. Misguided…


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