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Manchester Duo 'Hurts'

Bereft without the Mediterranean climate we had so quickly grown accustomed to, the team at Clash may well be plunged back into darkness but endeavour to lighten up your lives with our single of the week choices. From dancey dubstep by way of epic euro pop, it’s a pick n mix bag of sweet & sour treats to wrap your chops around…

Rusko - Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)

Leeds based DJ and label founder Rusko is certainly putting himself about, keeping busy with his own stuff in conjunction with producing the majority of M.I.A.’s new album. Already an acceptable, if unremarkable track ‘Hold On’ has had a little make over. Sprinting from the starting block at sporty pace it’s all so much housey piano led dubstep aided and abetted by the fluttery ultra feminine vocals of Dirty Projectors Amber Coffman…until, rushing towards the hurdles, drum n’ bass boy Sub Focus gets his grubby little hands on the drop and bam…one hell of a dirty growling breakdown around the 1:07 mark…now that’s what we’re talking about.

Hurts – Better Than Love

Couple a penchant for Depeche Mode & Ultravox (surely) plus every other decadent ‘fire & ice’ 80’s synth led group with brylcreemed hair and you have something approximating Hurts. Yes indeed, the Manchester duo boldly wear their androgynous, atmospheric influences on their sharp suited sleeves, which is no bad thing really. Expressive, expansive and melodramatic, ‘Better Than Love’ is a grandiose and romantic tour de force. Swooning, emotive euro pop for those who don’t remember it from first time round. Promising.

Warpaint – Elephants

LA quartet Warpaint may only have an EP between them but already they’re pulling in a few celebrity fans with their charming if slightly skewed psychedelic folk rock. Recently signed to Rough Trade, Jenny Lee Lindberg (vocals/bass), Emily Kokal (vocals/guitar), Theresa Wayman (vocals/guitar) are joined by multi instrumentalist Josh Klinghoffer on drum duty. ‘Elephants’ is sure to gain the band further acclaim not only for the dreamily diaphanous accompanying video (nice suspenders). Building on a hypnotically harmonic Cat Power tinged vocal, only slightly muddied by a dodgy vocoder moment at the half way mark, it possesses just enough post punk chutzpah to see it through. Strangely intimate yet expansive, this tracks a grower for sure.


It’s all been about the persecuted gingers in the 'Born Free' video of late; a clever if cynical slice of PR for the new album. But this, the second single, has a manufactured ‘club ready’ sound that reminds one somewhat of a Santogold cast off. Formulaic if serviceably danceable synths do not disguise a weak vocal, which is more successful chanting or shouting than trying to hold together a melody. It’s a teenage symposium of tweeting and downloading which will date in a matter of months. Not offensive but neither is it inspiring; the ubiquitous 80’s smashing glass sample is probably the best thing about it. Then again I haven’t seen the video yet…

Holy Fuck – Latin America

This track from the expletive spouting Canadians third album just may be (whisper it) verging on chart friendly. There’s some great propulsive percussion and warbling fuzzy bass in the mix but overall it’s a rather restrained affair from the usually unpredictable noiseniks. Less dense and textural than previously, this track is much cleaner in production but gaining polish has lost them a little of that of ‘caught amidst the maelstrom’ edge. The central piano refrain is promising but ultimately lacklustre, you keep expecting it to do something else but it never quite makes it. Good effort boys, but should try harder.


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