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It's hard to muster enthusiasm on a day quite as dull as this has been. A day when I should have been at home in front of a fire whipped grate, ensconced in furs, with houseboys pouring me the finest of wines and proffering platters of wasabi warming canapés. But I digress, for here I am. One who has battled polar bears and treacherous swathes of ice in order to reach my desk at draughty Clash Towers North. And all for YOU beautiful people.

Single Of The Week


‘Chocolate Money’

Forget chocolate. This is one big old weird and wobbly dubstepish dessert of a track, infused with the unmistakable but subtle taste of Turkish rosewater. Kel McKeown aka Kelpe is a man full to bursting with samples and sequenced surprises; dirty old school hip hop and a fleshy funk mash up result in an all over feel of wonky Warp-ishness. Dense, distorted and delicious. Be warned, you may want second helpings.



Producer Kidkanevil is also in a band, who knew? On Ninja Tune, the first single from the album is all cranks and cogs and music box electronics. Flitting between psychedelic eastern guitar and percussive bassy goodness, it’s rather appealing stuff. All about the inherent struggle between good and evil, apparently. Bonus big theme.

Zola Jesus

‘Poor Animal’

What I wouldn't give to see her have a square go with Florence (minus the Machine of course, that wouldn't be fair). Produced by Chris Coady, who’s previously worked with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV On the Radio, it’s much friendlier fayre than previous offerings. It has a soaring early eighties 4AD feel with great strings at the end. Neu goth? Oh go on then, just a wee one.

Miles Kane


Former frontman of The Rascals, one half of The Last Shadow Puppets and part time Paul McCartney impersonator (not really) Miles Kane's first solo release is a simple scuzzy blast of energised rock n roll; albeit in a nicely tailored trouser. A touch repetitive perhaps but unapologetically so. Compare to Beady Eye's offering (below) and it sounds even better.


‘Worm Tamer’

And here comes Grinderman: Birthday Party & Bad Seeds both. Shouldn’t work but it just does. Incorporating the Junkyard Blues of the former and innate musicality of the latter, the most prolific 50 something’s in rock are cooking up a voodoo squall of seething sweaty swampish innuendo. No video has been released yet but be sure it’ll be a belter if the last, centurions with laser beams shooting from their arses of Heathen Child is anything to go by.



Whatever is a Doncamatic I hear you ask? Well, it's a Japanese drum machine from the 60's. We're immediately warmed, who isn't a sucker for an obscure Korg reference? This track wasn't on 'Plastic Beach' so perhaps it's a precursor of poppier offerings to come? Either way, this is ultra radio friendly stuff featuring vocals of new cool boy on the bloc, Daley (nice specs, bad facial hair). Catchy.

Laura Marling

'I Speak Because I Can'

Our very own modern day Joni Mitchell does it again with another single from her Mercury nominated album. European or Balkan folk sensibilities are recalled here in conjunction with traditional English song. Strident, self assured and increasingly muscular, this is polished stuff.

Beady Eye

'Bring The Light'

Bag. Of. Shite.


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